I didn't vote for Trump. However, I'm pretty sure that I understand why many others did. Unfortunately, many here do not. Why did you vote for Trump? by Tom_Bombadil in AskSaidIt

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In the beginning, I was for Cruz, because I thought he was a true conservative. As the debates unfolded, Trump quickly got my vote because of his unwillingness to bend in the face of pressure.

When the "Grab em by the pussy" video came out and his response was "I said what I said", and immediately counter attacked the Clinton's for their previous abuse of women, I knew then, this is the the fucking guy this country has needed for a LONG LONG time!

My first post to T_D!! by deplorable_mom in The_Donald

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I was born red-pilled. What always seemed logical to me when i was young, was what I believe today.

Right is right and Wrong is wrong. Never understood the people who blur the lines with their own irresponsible bullshit. Because that'S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!

When defending oneself, if the person starts saying but but but, you know the next thing from their mouths will be their own skewed opinion and not the facts.

The facts are indisputable, and truth is cutting. But if there is a lack of either, then all you really have is a mish mash of bullshit opinions.

So, any other exiles from Reddit here? by sharkiness in The_Donald

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Yes I am but they (The_Donald Redditors) seem to be slow in moving to a new forum. Reddit has become a cesspool but people are slow to change.