Refitting a Baby-Monitor with an Alfa hacking antenna by frankielc in DIY

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Today my baby monitor broke. Did my best to repair it.

I guess the only way to fix it was to solder in the most used antenna for wifi drive-by penetration.

My partner took my word for it! 😜

Is Bitcoin a store of value? by frankielc in finance

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are actually producing the value. Bitcoin supporters are merely allowing you to exchange the fruits of their labour( the value that they produce as components of companies), for the goods that companies produce.

Companies are the only item of true value. If cash did not exist , companies would still be worth value. A barter economy would develop and the blenders a company produced might be traded for the pot

Bitcoin needs the work of people mining. Wouldn't there be a parallelism with Gold? Mind you that I don't believe we can say Bitcoin is a store of value. Not yet, at least, I'm just trying to ascertain that some things other than legal tender have value and can be a store of such. Would you agree?