Firefox follows Chrome and prepares to block insecure downloads by [deleted] in Browsers

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No one cares when the NSA unconstitutionally wiretaps them, but Americans lose their minds if Google records their web searches.

Americans don't mind if the Gestapo shoots unarmed Americans in the back, but Americans become batshit insane if Paypal is racist.

Americans shrug if CNN lies, but Americans completely flip out Fox News doctors a photo.

Americans scream that they are all victims.

Americans lose their heads if Communists use teens to push an issue, but why can't Nazis use kids to promote an idea?

Americans become rabid nutjobs when statues are torn down, but why don't Americans raise money to erect statues?

Americans became crazy with anger when Obama was nominated for a peace prize, but why don't Americans create a peace prize for Assange?

Americans foam at the mouth if there is an award show for homosexuals, but why don't Americans start an award show for teen entrepreneurs?

Americans don't care when the CIA tortures, but Americans explode if anyone protests tyranny.