Dangerous and Ineffective: Experimental Pfizer Vaccine Causes Nearly Five "Serious Adverse Events" Per Every One Person it Kept From Being Hospitalized with Covid, Study Finds by AXXA in news

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[...] According to the study*, mRNA vaccines from both Moderna and Pfizer were more likely to cause a “severe” adverse reaction (vaccine injury like myocarditis, etc.) than prevent covid hospitalizations. And not just a little more either. Moderna’s vaccine was found to cause “15.1 serious adverse events” for every 6.4 people kept out of the hospital.

Pfizer’s mRNA jab was even worse. Clocking in at an astonishing 10.1 serious adverse events per every 2.3 prevented hospitalizations – which is nearly 5 to 1.

Keep in mind that Covid-19 is only moderately more dangerous than the flu in the first place. The serious medical complications linked to the vaccine are much more life-threatening than the virus itself. And yet, Pfizer’s vaccine is 5x more likely to cause a serious adverse event than prevent a serious case of Covid-19, per the study. [...]


Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years for helping Epstein by Drewski in news

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Covid-19 may have originated in US biolab – Lancet chair by auch999 in science

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Jeffrey Sachs, who chairs Covid-19 commission at the prestigious medical journal [The Lancet], has claimed the deadly virus [...] was an accidental release "out of US lab biotechnology" [...] He was speaking at a conference hosted by the think tank GATE Center, in Spain, in mid-June. [...]

Europe’s Third Attempt at Suicide and Generation Z+ by auch999 in politics

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‘The next war in Europe will be between Russia and Fascism, except that Fascism will be called Democracy.’

Fidel Castro, c. 1992

[...] As we know, the Western anti-Russian sanctions, have been a self-imposed economic disaster, an own goal. Blowback has been nasty. Dedollarisation is happening. Pay in roubles, please. Now. Food, fertiliser, oil, gas, all are rocketing in price, and it is not winter. Popular discontent and street demonstrations in Western Europe are mounting. In France the Rothschild candidate Macron has lost control of the French Parliament to the left and to the right. In the UK the ‘delusional’ (the word of members of his own Party) Johnson (a man condemned by his own as ‘an opportunistic journalist who has at his heart a moral vacuum’) is seen as a liability, who will lead the Tory Party to annihilation in any election. We will not speak here of other nonentities like Scholz, Draghi, Trudeau and Biden.

Then there is the formation of alternatives to the Western bloc. A new G8/BRICS+? Russia has seen plenty of discreet and not so discreet support from China, India, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Iran, Indonesia, Africa (from Egypt to South Africa), Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Argentina, Hungary…. That is, from the aptly-named ‘emerging’ world on all five Continents, from those who have raw materials and manufacturing infrastructure. They want to emerge from the ruins of colonialism and neo-colonialism. The isolated West, the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, has few friends outside its inward-looking little world. There are just a few occupied vassals in Asia, like Israel, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, who are forced to buy Western arms in order to stop themselves being liberated from themselves, and that is it. [...]

the Age of Empires is over. 1917 signalled the beginning of this. In 1991 the Red Star (USSR) Empire collapsed. Today the White Star (USSA) Empire, with its Twelve-Star EU (USSE) vassal Empire in tow, is collapsing, and for exactly the same reason: because nobody believes in their ideologies any more. Both Communism and Capitalism have failed. Now is the Age of Free Alliances of Sovereign Nations. What is the future of Europe after its third failed attempt at suicide? It is in reintegrating the Sovereignty of Eurasia, protected by the Russian resource umbrella. The Atlantic never united Europe, it divided Europe. If those who live across the Atlantic want to rediscover from us how to start living normal lives again, they can. But it will be on our terms, those of our Sovereignty, not on theirs.

We have spoken of the Special Military Operation as the culmination of Europe’s third attempted suicide. We have said that Europe will never be the same again after it. This is because, unless Europe is really serious this time about suicide (and it has managed to avoid it twice before), this Operation Z is going to split up the tyrannical Western world, EU and UK Europe, from the USA. It is Operation Z+. And who are we, those who will survive? We are Generation Z+. We are those who will come ‘out of great tribulation’ and survive. We are those who are going to live in the real Global world, not in the Western bubble Globalist world. We are the real Europeans of ancient and new European history, who refused to commit suicide, the Sovereign Europeans. Reality is dawning at last.


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World War 3 for dummies by auch999 in politics

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[...] What is about to happen

The panic of our owners and their politicians is understandable because we have come to the end of the line. We can no longer keep up our living standards by debt increase and parasitism. The debt is reaching beyond what we own as collateral and our currencies are about to become worthless. We will no longer be able to get free stuff from the rest of the world, or pay back our debt – let alone pay interest on it. The entire West is about to go bankrupt and our standard of living is about to go down by a massive percentage. This is what has our owners panicked and they see only two scenarios:

1) In the first scenario most countries in the West, and everything and everyone within them, declare bankruptcy and erase the debt by diktat – which sovereign states are able to do. This will also erase the wealth and political power of our owners.

2) In the second scenario, our owners take over the collateral during the bankruptcy. The collateral is us and everything we own.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which scenario was chosen. The plan for the second scenario is ready and being implemented as we speak. It is called ‘The Great Reset’ and was constructed by the people behind the World Economic Forum. This plan is not a secret and can be examined to a certain degree on the WEF website.

The Great Reset is a mechanism for the seizing of all debt collateral which includes your assets, the assets of your city or municipality, the assets of your state, and most corporate assets not already held by our owners.

This asset seizure mechanism has several components, but the most important are the following four:

1) Abolishment of sovereignty: A sovereign (independent) country is a dangerous country because it can choose to default on its debt. The decrease in sovereignty has been a priority for our owners and various schemes have been attempted such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The most successful scheme is undoubtedly the European Union itself.

2) The down-tuning of the economy: The western economy (and indeed the global economy) must be tuned down by a very significant percentage. This down-tuning is necessary because the western economy is massively falsified now and must be taken down to its real level – which may be as low as half of what it is now – or more. The slow takedown has also the purpose of avoiding a sudden crash that would cause massive social unrest which would be a threat to our owners. A controlled takedown is therefore preferable to an uncontrolled crash. This controlled takedown is already happening and has been going on for quite some time. Many examples can be mentioned of this takedown, including the EU and US energy policy which is designed to sabotage the western economy, and the obvious attempts at demand destruction during and after the epidemic, including the fairly bizarre logistical problems which suddenly came out of nowhere.

3) Asset harvesting (you will own nothing and be ‘happy’): All assets that can be considered to be collateral to our private and collective/public debt will be taken over. This is a clearly stated aim of the Great Reset but it is less clear how this would be carried out. Total control of western governments (and indeed all governments) would seem to be necessary for this. That precondition is closer than one might think because most western governments seem to be beholden to Davos at this point. The process will be sold as necessary social restructuring because of an economic crisis and global warming and will result in a massive decrease in living standards for regular people, although not the elites.

4) Oppression: A great many people will not like this and an uprising is a likely response, even if the takedown is done gradually. To prevent this from happening, a social control mechanism is being implemented which will erase personal freedom, the freedom of speech, and privacy. It will also create absolute dependence of the individual on the state. This must be done before the economic takedown can be completed or there will be a revolution. This mechanism is already being implemented enthusiastically in the West as anybody with eyes and ears can see. [...]

They are Still Saying 'Keev' by auch999 in politics

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[...] I was shocked yet again Sunday morning to hear these people saying “Keev” in reference to Kiev. It was bad enough when they changed “The Ukraine” to “Ukraine.” But changing the pronunciation of the word from the English pronunciation is just too much.

You know, we hear all of this stuff about the poor Mexicans. It’s a main talking point. Now, can you imagine, if out of respect for oppressed immigrants, the entire media, all at once, started calling Mexico “Meh-hee-ko”?

Because that would be the exact same thing. Literally, it would be the exact analog of saying “Keev.” Telling people that it is important to pronounce the locations of suffering people in their own language is like…. look, it’s like applying gender pronouns to geopolitics.

This is behavior programming – if you get people to start changing their behavior, including their language, they are more submissive to you after they’ve agreed to submit to the behavior change. Any person who actually started saying “Keev” instead of Kiev is going to be much more committed to the war than someone who refused to change the way they pronounced a word.

Honestly, I think they could do “Meh-hee-ko” at this point and no one would flinch. I kind of hope they do, just because it would be funny to me. “Keev” just makes me sick, but “Meh-hee-ko” would be funny.

Zugzwang*, by Alastair Crooke by auch999 in WayOfTheBern

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[...] Inflation here in Europe is well into double digits. Yet, without a blush, Lagarde of the ECB states: “We have inflation under control”. We will still grow in 2022, and growth will accelerate in 2023 and 2024. Strategy? Synchronised ends? Hers were just talking points severed from all reality.

This ECB event however, has a major geo-political significance. With the Fed raising interest rates in the U.S., the ECB is being exposed as having no credible tools to deal with the spiralling up, and away of European sovereign debt rates, from any semblance of convergence. A European sovereign debt crisis has begun; worse, some sovereign debt likely will become bid-less and pariah.

Just to be clear, the accelerating inflationary crisis in Europe undermines the political positions of nearly every major politician across the euro-zone, as they will encounter real popular anger; as inflation eats away at the middle class; and high energy prices gut business profits.

There is still more to this ECB impotence – a deeper significance: The Fed is raising interest rates – well-aware that it lags ‘far behind the curve’ – to have significant impact on inflation (during the Volcker era, Fed Funds rate touched 20%).

The Fed hikes beg the question whether the former has other aims in mind, beyond U.S. inflation: Would Powell be unhappy to see the ECB and the Eurozone sinking in crisis? Possibly not. The (offshore European) Eurodollar market antics and ECB rate policies effectively have been tying Powell’s hands.

Now the Fed is acting independently – and in the American interest firstly – and the ECB is in trouble. It will have to follow suit and raise rates. The Fed is owned by the big NY commercial banks. These latter know that the Davos-Brussels ‘set’ aims to move, when it can, to a single European Central Bank digital currency – a move that would represent a development threatening the very business model of the U.S. Big Banks. (Perhaps it is no coincidence therefore, that digital currencies are widely collapsing at the same moment).

Michael Every of Robobank writes: “Were the U.S. to lose the power of the dollar as global collateral – to commodities as collateral – then its’ [the American] economy and markets will soon follow [with power similarly draining away]”.

“Maybe that logic doesn’t hold, but a hawkish Fed today suggests it does”. Powell saying in March that ‘it is possible to have more than one reserve currency’ is surely a nod towards this trend, with Russia’s linking of the rouble to a goldgram, and energy to the rouble.

The U.S. Big Banks therefore, with Powell as spokesman, are doxing ‘Davos’, and letting Lagarde swing in the wind. They are putting American financial interests first. This is a huge shift away from the era of the Plaza Accords.

The point? The point is that the EU Euro-zone was – at German insistence – constructed as an appendage of the dollar. Now the Fed is focussed on halting the slide towards commodities as global collateral. And Europe, with its ‘Davos-ian’ predilections, is being thrown under the bus. The leveraged dollars in the Eurodollar system are ‘heading home’. [...]

*A chess term, where a player must move, but every possible move only worsens his situation

Recommendation: Learn statistics by platonic1 in conspiracy

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Whoever issues statistics possesses the power to alter the numbers.

Sign of the times by P-38lightning in whatever

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lol, accurate :(

[BUG] https://saidit.net requires a browser configured to allow fingerprinting for login, because it uses Cloudflare DDOS protection services by auch999 in SaidIt

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I guess Brave doesn't really spoof enough.

Qanon dumbfucks gathered in Dallas again today, because they think JFK is rising from the dead. Not JFK Jr. This time they think it's JFK himself. by crustybutt in MeanwhileOnReddit

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QAnon is a psyop by the Deep State with the goal of keeping their followers passive, controlled opposition. Think about it: They always claim something will happen and it never does happen. They always claim something will happen and it never does happen. (The last two sentences were intentionally repeated.)

QAnon tells its followers that there is "a great plan" instigated by the "good forces" unfolding right now, and all they have to do is to stay passive and let that happen. And it never does happen, although they think it does.

*That being said, I prefer the QAnon-Believers I know to the Vaxx-Sheep I know.

The Biebs Gets A Vaccine Injury by HongKongPhooey in news

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rare syndrome

yeah, lol, not so "rare" at all it seems

[BUG] https://saidit.net requires a browser configured to allow fingerprinting for login, because it uses Cloudflare DDOS protection services by auch999 in SaidIt

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There's no need for any sophisticated AI or something like that. Any website that uses third party tracking stuff like google-analytics/tagservices/syndication/gstatic... or cloudflare*, scorecardresearch etc. collects and forwards the information that the same entity (your browser) visited it at a given time. So all Google (or Cloudflare, etc) have to do is look at their logs to know which entity visited which websites and when that happened.

[BUG] https://saidit.net requires a browser configured to allow fingerprinting for login, because it uses Cloudflare DDOS protection services by auch999 in SaidIt

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You are right, ofc.

[BUG] https://saidit.net requires a browser configured to allow fingerprinting for login, because it uses Cloudflare DDOS protection services by auch999 in SaidIt

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I was just able to pass Cloudflare's challenge. Not sure why it works now?! (I didn't change any setting.)

EDIT: A few hours later (now) it didn't work again and I'm posting this EDIT with another (less fingerprinting-resistent) browser.

EDIT2: I think it only works randomly if my browser spoofs some common combination of js-accessible values. Today, it didn't work even though I only logged in once in like 2 days or something.

EDIT3: Didnt' work on first login within 5 days. Shit. Pure shit. Just use something else, instead of the Cloudflare shit.

EDIT4: Didnt' work on first login within 2 days. Shit. Pure shit. Asked me to completa 2 captchas - but that didn't help. Just use something else, instead of the Cloudflare shit.

Malcolm X talks about the jews by Rob3122 in politics

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I guess it's because 'Ungoogled Chromium' and 'Librewolf' have stricter settings when it comes to certificates and allowed encryption algorithms and catbox.moe's Let's Encrypt certificate, but I don't really know.

Malcolm X talks about the jews by Rob3122 in politics

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This link gives me a 'ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED' with 'Ungoogled Chromium', 'Unable to connect' with 'Librewolf', but plays fine with my 'Firefox'. I wonder what's the reason for that.

The Path To Japan’s Childlessness As Conceived By Its Satanic US Occupiers by auch999 in nonmorons

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[...] When Douglas McArthur, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, set foot in Tokyo in 1945 with a plan to rebuild Japan in the image of a cheap industrial vassal state, he was shocked to learn that by 1947 the Japs had fornicated so hard—they had produced 7 million babies in just two years.

To remind everyone: during the entire Pacific War against China and the United States, Japan “only” lost 3.1 million lives. So in a sense, the war itself didn’t do any significant harm to Japan as a species.

Only post war colonial population control could do the trick. General McArthur and his strategists had to completely destroy Japanese family culture with all techniques, regulations and shaming tactics they could think of, and quickly.

Polygamy had to be outlawed. The British Empire had successfully introduced monogamous marriage in China and India in the 18th century, but failed to register the lower classes. The US mustn’t repeat the same mistake.

Imperial Japan, just like Imperial China, had a vibrant concubinage and mistress culture. Some elite families had 15 to 20 elite children, because the patriarch had 2nd and 3rd wives. All these Asian values had to be outlawed. The noble East Asians must not multiply.

Empower the mass of women, abort their first children, prevent early pregnancies, shame young mothers. Social engineering was biblical and all-pervasive.

Some of the top-down governmental measures seem absurd, over-the-top. The entire housing market, for example, stopped advertising children‘s rooms. You cannot rent or buy a house in Japan that officially has children‘s rooms.

More family planning associations, agencies, and societies spread like mushrooms. Their unifying task: Prevent as many new Japanese as possible. Some of the slogans may sound familiar to our readers if they live under US-American occupation: Children equal poverty. Children arrest development. Children are holding women back. Children equals Third World. Children equals underclass.

The results were mind-blowing. Wrote two Japanese demographers, TACHI Minoru and OKAZAKI Yoichi: “With the advent of the 1950’s we witnessed a sudden and swift decline in Japan’s birth rate […] Before ten years had passed since the start of the baby boom, the annual birth count was cut in half—a rate of decline without precedent in world demographic history.” [...]

Modern scum give me anxiety by trident765 in nonmorons

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I immediately contacted the apartment and asked them to take the trash can away

That's exactly what "modern scum" would do. Compliance with stupid rules empowers the totalitarians.