Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Declassified DoD UAP Report by UBERGheist in UFOs

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I 100% agree with this due to heavily guarded compartmentalized access to special access programs, funding streams and black sites.

New Theory: John McAfee Faked His Own Death and is Alive Living on a Boat Somewhere by [deleted] in conspiracy

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Not even new and yes. Believable. The Mcafee files are incoming along with many other Assange, Snowden, Seth Rich and other intel connected to the global pedo Satanists

2024 AI Wars: The Rise of Technofascism by UBERGheist in technology

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I tend to agree with you and feel that’s already happening as more and more individual users train their own datasets.

Right now only a few major players are driving a large segment of the space but imo that will shift as more and more custom use cases built using open source come to light.

In the near future it may not matter what corporates or governments choose as true digital democracy takes root. Optimistic but I belief.

The alternative - sky net is also quite possible. What a time to be alive just old enough for the great ai wars https://youtu.be/4LhDpXSCggQ?si=KnqLPw4JE7L5m-67