Sister Rosetta Tharpe, The Godmother Of Rock’N’Roll - Didn't it rain, children by QHEEBH in ListenToThis

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"A pioneer who influenced everyone from Chuck Berry to Keith Richards, Sister Rosetta Tharpe played rock’n’roll way before anyone else."

Drug syndicate hid meth in Canadian maple syrup, canola oil bound for Down Under, authorities say by QHEEBH in offbeat

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Well, Meth-Lab-Go-BOOM is a possibility.

During 2001–2012, a total of 1,325 meth-related chemical incidents were reported in the five states (Louisiana, Oregon, Utah, New York, and Wisconsin).

During a 4,015 day period there were 1,325 incidents or about one incident every 3 or so days. Most of these were chemical incidents.

Now, if you expand from the five states to all states, in 2012 there were

"11,210. That’s the number of all the meth lab incidents that were reported in 2012 by the DEA."

So in 365 days, there were slightly more than 30 incidents per day in the US (slightly more than 1 per hour). And

"The State of Missouri is almost always the state with the highest amount of meth lab incidents. They reported 1,825 in total for 2012. In comparison, the State of Alaska reported just 1 incident."

and of course,

"Up to 35% of the burn patients that report to the emergency room are meth positive, even if they don’t indicate that they were using the drug in the initial interview."

Something bad happened if they were burned.

It might be easy, but it's apparently dangerous.

CHATGPT shows that AI can create genuine Windows 10 and Windows 11 keys. The same technique also worked on Google Bard... by QHEEBH in technology

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I'm not completely sure how they did this, but I assume they isolated the instruments removing vocals. Then they fed the lyrics to a computer that sampled Lennon and McCartney's voices. Then reassembled it into a song.

Bella Montoya, an Ecuadoran woman mistaken for dead and who knocked on her coffin during her own wake has died. by QHEEBH in WhoDiedToday

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She was declared dead on June 9 (about a week ago).

If something's free you are the product by [deleted] in whatever

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I will agree that often this is the case, but there are models (software) that don't follow that perfectly. LibreOffice is free software (so is Krita, the GIMP, Inkscape, Foxit PDF reader, JEdit, VSCode, and others). Linux is an operating system that is free.

Foxit PDF reader offers a free version, hoping you will buy the full version. Microsoft's VS Code is free hoping you are using it to code in their commercial software, but you could use it for anything, even a notepad replacement.

While RedHat Linux is free, you can (but do not have to) pay for the support. LibreOffice is also free, but they do ask for donations, which are optional.

But for 99% of free things, yes, we are the products.