An Introduction to 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang: by Orangutan in politics

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Sharing a video is the best way to introduce someone to Yang who has recently become curious because that's where Yang is at his best.

Here's a breakdown of which video would most interest which person which was well received so thought it'd make a good post. Depending on the person:

People who like to know a candidate: Iowa interview

People who like reddit: H3H3 interview

People who like weed: Rogan interview

People who like tv: The View with Evelyn

People who woke: Karen Hunter interview

People who conservative: Shapiro interview

People who like politics: Axelrod interview

People who like democracy: Lessig Townhall

People who like economics: Freakonomics interview

People who like tax policy: Mankiw explains UBI + VAT

People who like unions: Workers Presidential Summit

An Introduction to 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang: by Orangutan in politics

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Interesting. Thanks. I'm open to criticisms of Yang and any candidate for that matter. I was surprised Rogan gave him access so early on to his audience to kind of kick off his campaign. I also know Tad Devine who is famous for messing with international elections like that in Bolivia for the American interests, is also hired by Yang's campaign in some capacity.

Ethan had the metabunk intell asset, and shill come on his show to attack every conspiracy possible.

I wasn't aware of this guest, but would like to see it if you have the name or episode link?

AIPAC, PNAC, and ADL are definitely big factors in our political system here and probably disproportionately so as well.

*(33) Is that a Masonic thing?