How Reddit Was Destroyed: The power now resided in individual subreddits, obviously the most popular ones. There was a power grab to become moderators of these subreddits. Once the default subreddits were controlled, drastic changes began to occur. by Orangutan in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This is a great breakdown of how things went downhill. At the source of all of it are people who feel empowered to restrict other people’s speech, and users who think that other people are responsible for how they feel, and support silencing them.

/r/CringeAnarchy has been banned by Fire in MeanwhileOnReddit

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You say no one should be censored, but you’re ok with them getting banned. Pick a position.

These Middle Schools Are Making Gun Safety Courses Mandatory for Students by poestal in firearms

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As a Texan, I feel like the attitudes towards firearms in the Midwest is far more practically based and moderate than in Texas & the south.