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Giant Lazer is pushing the boundaries of virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. Focusing on the industry, it provides innovative training programs for employees, simulators, and process visualizations using VR technology. It also offers tools supporting the work of technical workers with assisted reality applications (smart glasses).

The essence of the projects is to identify previously unobvious cases of using virtual and augmented reality in business and to find an added value for the organization in them. The delivered applications support specific processes in the context of business goals. Giant Lazer also means well-thought-out B2B products that make up the proprietary VR / AR platform for the industry.

Our products and services: - Company Un(Hacked) is a practical virtual reality course that increases employee awareness about cybersecurity and data protection. Together with Giant Lazer, it prevents significant losses caused by hacker attacks, because a properly trained employee creates a safe company. - Trash Rage VR. - Culture Coach. - VR training: Semi-truck inspection - Flying Things VR. Creative and fun aviation experience - Lab XR - AR applications for companies - VR applications for companies