POC music continues to glorify robbing and attacking Asians by FuckRedditPolice in AsiansFirst

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But "mUh aLLiAncE" screamed the bobas on "aSiAn" reddit.

AI leader has a message for followers by [deleted] in AsianIdentityWatch

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Arcel and AI's victory dance after the election.

The OGs of r/Asianmasculinity broke massive barriers and put in extreme effort to call out and normalize the stigmatization of WMAF in our community, only to have the coward r/aznidentity mods tear it all down to nothing. by justsomedudehere in AsiansFirst

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Seems the OP of that thread was Incelconnection again. These AI autists are fucking deranged. Literal XM saboteurs in plain sight and they chose to simp instead.

The failed life of an HK protestor cuck LOL![Restored AI thread.] by FuckRedditPolice in AsianTakeover

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AI spazzes hard whenever their fellow saltwaters are rightfully make fun of.

PhotheJew votebots his thread to insane karma levels to tell us we should deify black saviors! Not even China Mac gets this many upvotes WTF by justsomedudehere in AsianIdentityWatch

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Phothejew is always welcome on (((aznid))), as they always "need" muh allies instead of pro-Asians.

Former Marvel Studios TV Boss (((Jeph Loeb))) erased Asian roles on top of portraying them negatively. by FuckRedditPolice in AsiansFirst

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Jeph is a one tale phony who thought he could copy paste Batman: Long Halloween onto every other story he wrote.

A Good Example Why Asian-Americans Should Be Armed: Home invasion goes wrong for criminals by FuckRedditPolice in AsiansFirst

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Better to be prepared than not.