DebateAltRight Archive, up until the moment it was banned by GetNifty in debatealtright

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Austrofascism by EngliscLand in Fascism

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Engelbert Dollfuss was Chancellor of Austria in the 1930's. From one of his speeches:

"We appeal to all Austrians to stay reasonable and not to chase after false hopes, but to stand faithfully to the fatherland. The time of liberal-capitalist social and economic order, the time of Marxist subversion, the time of demagogic popular leadership and absolute party rule is over! We want a social, Christian, German state of Austria, on a corporatist basis, under strong authoritarian leadership!

We will be lead by the love of our fatherland! Guided by our faith!

Austria above everything, if it only wants!"

DebateAltRight Archive, up until the moment it was banned by GetNifty in debatealtright

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Hi, would you be able to get user data for another sub? I was a mod for r/AltUnitedKingdom which was a nationalist sub for the UK that was banned by Reddit last week. We had nearly 5k users and I'm trying to redirect as many as possible to our new page on saidit: s/AltUnitedKingdom - anyway, if you are able to retrieve a list of users, it would be incredibly appreciated! Thank you.

You can't become European, you're born European by EngliscLand in altunitedkingdom

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Do you mean this ironically? As in, the current upside down clown world we live in, then yes, everybody is a "European" to the loony left. However, this would be referring to European citizenship. So an African immigrant can surely gain citizenship in Europe, however it doesn't make them European.

I am using the word "European" to mean people of European descent, aka white people. All the white people from around the world are descended from Europe, because people from Europe are white according to official definition:

"White people is a racial classification and skin color specifier, used mostly and often exclusively for people of European descent." - Source

Banned on Reddit by redpillbomb in altunitedkingdom

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Thanks buddy! Yeah, it sucks.

They didn't even give a warning. It was there one minute and gone the next.