Day One, Biden Destroys Girls' Sports With Anti-Science Executive Order by christnmusicreleases in politics

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So doesn’t this still have to be agreed upon with congress? They can still send it back to Biden’s desk right? Kind of funny that Gabbard was mentioned when my SO’s lib fem wife says she LOVES her (but is spouting off ‘kill terfs fuck jk rowling’ on her IG) I think she has no idea about legislation and personal beliefs of our constituents.

Father who raped own child will receive tax-payer funding gender transition, be moved to women’s prison by BEB in GenderCritical

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Seems like a man trying to escape the violent reaction other inmates would have to him being a PEDOPHILE. He only started identifying after being put in prison. Wonder why.

Edit: another article says Campbell has severe anguish having his penis attached to his body. I’m sorry why are we supposed to care about a pedophiles severe anguish? What about his daughters anguish? Does she get tax paid medical care for her entire life? Free therapy and treatment for her trauma? What about his son who campbell brought along to sex shops and witnessed him raping his sister?