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Update: It'd appear that their plan is to sell really overpriced T-Shirts (40 euros and for a limited time only!) according to this post here. No thanks.

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Well at least it's not as bad as ignoring the cultural boycott and playing Israel.

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I'm not sure "ignore" is the right verb, Yorke fully acknowledged the BDS movement and decided to play Israel anyway. I understand what you're saying though. Yorke's reasons are not dissimilar from why he still plays in the United States; he doesn't support the Trump administration yet believes that US citizens should not be bound by the politics of their government and deprived of a concert.

Radiohead's producer, Nigel Godrich stated:

I don’t believe in cultural boycotts. I don‘t think they’re positive, ever. And actually, I think that it‘s true to say that the people you‘d be denying [the music] are the people who would agree with you and don‘t necessarily agree with their government. So it‘s not a good idea.

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Yeah... ignore is not the right word. I understand this is their position and they have been Israel friendly since the get go, and one of them has an Israeli wife. But their addressing of the boycott is very clever, they don't use the word Palestinian at all or talk about why the boycott exists. And Trump and America vs. Israel is not a good analogy because America is not ethnically cleansing anyone to the point of being called out by the UN for it.. for decades. I just wish they would have gone the other way with this, it would have made huge waves and maybe set of an snowball effect...