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She's been meeting with the CFR. Even so, I still put $5 on it to hear her debate (hopefully).

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messed up it's all about money. I'd understand if she needed signatures or something to run

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Americans don't realize that they shouldn't pick and choose which rights are good or not. The Bill of Rights is a package deal. You either believe in freedom or don't. Americans shouldn't say they hate free speech, but then turn around and say they love gun rights. Americans sound like hypocrites when they scream wiretapping is fine, but torture is bad.

Watching Americans using mental gymnastics to explain their talking points and hypocrisy is difficult to watch today.

Americans scream Obama was an evil monster for embracing war, debt, and tyranny, but then Americans turn around and insist Trump is a holy god for supporting war, debt, and the police state.

The same Americans who love the free market scream closed borders turned North Korea into a stunning success.

Americans insist that the US always had food stamps.

Americans swear North America was uninhabited in 1491.

Americans say you must have an ID to vote, but don't think you should need an ID to buy a gun.

Americans insist 10 year olds should be charged as adults for murder, but 20 year olds shouldn't be allowed to drink.

Americans scream Trump arresting Assange and letting Clinton skate is 4D chess.

Americans swear banning bump stocks is fine because bump stocks are just toys.

Americans say mosques should be closed because Islam is not a religion.

Americans say newspapers should be shut because of fake news.

Americans say protesting should be banned because windows might be broken.

Americans scream TSA groping is fine because they have nothing to hide.

Americans say forfeiture is wonderful because the police has been using it for years.

Americans say NSA wiretapping is fine because it's just metadata.

Americans scream that torture is fantastic because other countries do it.

Americans are completely unable to understand that a wall will be used to keep Americans IN.

Americans say debt is wonderful because debt doesn't need to be paid back.

Americans scream wars are good because Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East

Americans are simply unable to comprehend that losing your rights means that they are lost forever and only leads to more tyranny. A country that tortures cannot take the moral high ground and criticize other countries. Americans do not realize that whatever you allow the government to do to others will eventually be done to you.

Everything is fake and a lie today.

The US is collapsing. The world has turned upside down.

Americans used to love freedom and fight Nazis and Commies, but have now become Nazis and Commies.

The elites are importing vastly different Muslims and Mexicans while telling the feminists, homosexuals, blacks, and whites to be a big, happy family.

One problem with a diversity is that you end up with a police state because diverse countries must keep the peace by banning everything. The USA didn't use to need to ban hookah bars because Americans don't go to hookah bars. The US didn't use to need to outlaw flying lanterns because Americans don't use flying lanterns. The US didn't use to need to ban eating dog meat because Americans don't eat dogs. The US didn't use to need to ban female circumcision because Americans don't circumcise girls. Americans didn't use to need to outlaw hijabs because Americans don't wear hijabs.

Americans cannot see hypocrisy, are completely ignorant of history, and don't realize the effects of unintended consequences and decrees.

There was a time when there were no passports or driver licenses and people survived just fine.

Driver licenses used to have just a name, but then birthdates, gender, and photos were required.

Now fingerprints are needed to get a license.

One problem with outlawing everything is that you must have so many loopholes to live that tyranny becomes useless and makes the laws pointless and ineffective.

Licenses now can list any age, race, or gender you want. You can be any religion you want.

A man who wanted to avoid surveillance could dress like a Muslim female or use a woman's restroom.

Americans used to be taught to love freedom, be moral, be independent, and have personal responsibility.

Americans today are told to love Socialism, be immoral, be weak, and be dependent.

Americans are taught to use safe spaces, not have friends, not hug kids, get tattoos, use drugs, get divorced, become homosexuals, get welfare, love war, embrace debt, shoplift, and pee in public.

Life has become meaningless now that everything is illegal, hard work is punished with taxes and regulations, and laziness is rewarded with welfare.

Nazis scream Americans need an ID to vote and Commies say Americans need an ID to buy a gun.

Fascists say Clinton was a monster for getting a blowjob, but don't mind that Trump broke the law by cheating on his wife with a prostitute.

Nazis say Germany didn't have any concentration camps, but then Fascists turn around and scream anyone who thinks the Mexican border has concentration camps should go to Germany to see real concentration camps.

Fascists say mudshits are poor, but then say Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is rich.

Liberal Commies go batshit insane when someone is called a nigger, but don't mind criticizing liberal Jews.

Conservative Nazis hate conservative Muslims.

Americans think that they are holy gods because the US has nuclear bombs and torture, but then turn around and say North Koreans are evil because they have nuclear weapons and torture.

Americans used to be able to get a good job with an IQ test, but when black people sued because they weren't hired, companies starting requiring degrees. When blacks didn't go to college, universities starting lowering standards so much that having a college diploma is meaningless.

Americans used to be proud if they graduated from Harvard, but now you can just pay a bribe to get in.

Americans used to say the world would end because of a coming ice age. When the cooling didn't happen, Americans said there was global warming. Now Americans swear there is climate change.

Americans used to insist paper bags were dangerous. Now Americans say all bags must be banned.

Americans say skyscrapers, tiny houses, and sleeping in cars must be illegal to protect the environment, but where the fuck are people supposed to live?

Americans insist that company cafeterias must be closed, but then Americans are stunned when cooks lose their jobs and workers waste gas driving off campus to go out to eat.

Americans scream declawing cats must be illegal, but Americans are too retarded to understand that cats will need to be killed because no one wants to adopt a cat that destroys furniture.

Americans swear that you must be legally required to buy wind power, but Americans are unable to understand that wind power kills birds, is unreliable, and is costly because the windmills are far from cities.

Americans used to say alcohol was dangerous and should be illegal, but later alcohol was legalized and pot was banned. Now weed is legal, but smoking is a crime.

Americans used to say you need a business license to start a restaurant. Now Americans say illegal aliens don't need a business license to start a restaurant because Americans don't want the immigrants to be deported.

Commies say that everyone must be required to be vaccinated, but they think unvaccinated illegal aliens are acceptable.

Black people were able to start hotels, restaurants, and funeral homes in the past because blacks couldn't use white businesses. Now blacks are given welfare and black families fall apart because girls just marry the state instead of a man.

White supremacists ridicule white people who say that they're Indians, but what do racists say when they take a DNA test and find out they are 1% black?

Racists are only allowed to be politically correct, but when society falls apart, white people explode and become Nazis.

Americans say that they live in a free, peaceful country with a balanced budget, but anyone who offers opposing evidence is called a racist and a nutjob and gets banned, gets an IRS audit, is arrested, or killed.

When the US Ponzi economy implodes, Americans might kill each other with a Civil war among Fascists and Communists or unite against the 1% or start a race war.

The elites have turned everyone into criminals, liars, hypocrites, and cowards. The only good thing about living in a police state is that no one can take the moral high ground on anything.

Maybe the best Americans can do right now is become anonymous, buy a sailboat, and leave.

How could Americans fall so far?

Do you think Americans would have accepted gun bans in 1790?

Do you think Americans would have agreed to an income tax in 1850?

Do you think American train passengers would have accepted being groped by the TSA in 1860?

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print(eval("2 + 2"))

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I absolutely can't donate anything because I'm poor, so I have begged my family to make a donation on my behalf. I sincerely wish to see Tulsi Gabbard make it as far as she can.

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Alright, I gave Mrs. CFR $1 in hopes of lively debates.

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I bet she's not asking for semen donations. Too bad.

Just sayin'