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Don't give the Hollywood psychos your money. Let it burn down.

As to operating systems, consider downloading or buying a Linux Mint disk.

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Don't use Linux Mint.

Use Ubuntu or a Ubuntu variant (xubuntu, lubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, et cetera) for an experience that's much better but equally as user-friendly. If you just really love the Mint look, install Cinnamon on any distro.

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It's just about money, I've been in bands and they don't get hardly any of the money. Look what the record companies did to the bands in the 60's 70's and part of the 80's they basically took all the money the band made. My friend just put songs on iTunes, I think he gets an 1/8 of a cent for everyone purchased. The movie companies are trying to get everyone used to the digital copies so they can maintain control of everything, you don't own anything you get from digital download it's guaranteed only for 5 years. I suspect it's going to go far more downhill in the future. Software companies are pushing the subscription to the software crap. Where are all of the people that almost put Microsoft out of business the first time they tried that ? Does anyone recall that ?

These companies anymore are just out for themselves and nothing else and that's what the politicians are doing on both sides.

Maybe I'm just getting old and don't want to change but I can see where all this is headed in the future.

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So you're going to pay Microsoft for an OS when there's perfectly good ones out there that respect privacy and are free?

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I know but I haven't had experience with Linux since probably the 90's when they were touting it. If I remember I think it was Redhat. It wasn't the best back then and I'm sure it's better now but I pretty much know Microsoft OS inside and out.

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I used to be the tech team manager for a MS only MSP but moving to Linux after that was like a breathvof fresh air. You dont realize how fucking goofy the Microsoft environment us until you climb out of it.

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Install Ubuntu or an Ubuntu variant for an easy reintroduction to Linux.

Oh, and forget everything about Windows. Windows power-users actually often have a harder time learning Linux because the Windows way of doing things is ingrained into them. Just try to forget that if you want to learn about Linux beyond the user-facing WIMP (not an insult - "windows, icons, menus, pointer") level.

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Well, what is the alternative to Windows?

I wouldn't mind switching to Linux but it's not good for gaming which is 90 percent of what I do on my PC.

Until a better OS for gaming than Windows shows up the majority of people will stay on Windows.

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Recently Steam introduced an open source component called Proton which is an actively developed and bugfixed amalgamation of a number of technologies like WINE and DXVK. Reportedly a majority of games are running under it well, with more being added constantly. Many even run at higher framerates via this than under Windows, which speaks to the fact that if devs ever put the money they put to Windows gaming under Linux, we'd probably see some kickass performance increases.

Ubuntu is the most highly supported distro, so coming from Windows I'd say you would want a desktop environment like KDE Plasma for familiarity, so I'd look at the Kubuntu flavour that integrates that DE instead of Gnome. Another option that's more up to date for the latest kernel version and libraries is Manjaro KDE, a rolling release distro based on a cutting edge distribution called Arch that's more for veterans of Linux. Manjaro is a curated release so they test the Arch version and release their packages as they seem bugfree. Arch is particularly well suited to Proton for being so up to date, but can be a pain when the updates break things, but you'd be used to that on Windows given their lack of patch QC these days.

Let me know if you have any questions, I've not regretted my changeover, though my gaming interest is limited to WoW. I still do some network consulting in the winters, and Linux experience has been invaluable when you get into many of these server environments. Besides releases like SQL Server and Visual Studio Code on Linux , Microsoft has gotten very active in the opensource community, I think mainly because they realize Linux is becoming the dominant server environment.

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Where are all of the people that almost put Microsoft out of business the first time they tried that ? Does anyone recall that ?

Pepperidge Farm remembers. People used to have principles. The internet has brought all new ways to program us, and it's working.

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See, this is where I promote learning a bit of server usage and investing money. I managed to get a server rack for $80 and the rest of the hardware for $350. Now I just toss in drives when I can and use it as storage. Sure, it takes power, cooling, and money, but through such investments you will never really have to worry about ownership.

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Please support the rare good artist though!

I am much more likely to buy a song when the artist allows one to get it for free, and even more likely if the song is royalty free, like many songs by TheFatRat.

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Forgot they sent me this about all my digital copies of movies that came with blu-rays or 4K discs over the years.

It has been our pleasure to be a part of how you enjoy digital entertainment. As you may recall, we wrote to you in January to inform you that the UltraViolet service is planning to shut down on July 31, 2019.

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In addition to the crap the copyright trolls often get away with (unless they don't), there's also the thing with DRM being increasingly all over the place and even more abusive.

But I guess businesses still insist on making the pirated copy be the better the name of fighting piracy.

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A-fucking-men. I've seen and read so much disturbing shit in the past year that I am legitimately astounded with what people are going with. Paying $12 to even $20 for an album and the band gets maybe $3 from it? Buying or activating movies on services that shut down and give you the finger in an email? Paying $100 for an OS that's buggy, broken, bloated, and full of spyware and trash? Paying $60 or more for games when the devs are concerned for their jobs, pushed to the limit, and even kicked just to maintain the illusion of stock growth and stability?

Nah fam, I'll just download what I want and find ways to send money directly to the people responsible for what I like. The growth of the tyrannical corporatocracy fueled by socialist fanaticism should not be supported in any capacity by those with logic or sanity. If you doubt me or want to call my bluff, I have irrefutable evidence as to what happens when embraced: Japan, China, and Russia.

Point is, hell yeah. If I like something or use something, then I will find a way to do my part and support the creators. Otherwise, all of this "robbery" talk is pure bullshit and is nothing more than guilt trip material used by companies and corporations.

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Yeah don't give them your money.They are filthy rich already

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Can't believe all the stuff on TORRENTFREAK lately. Copyright trolls have found a new revenue stream and they just keep pushing for more and more things to happen across the internet. It's sad.

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Why did you stop pirating?

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Oh, I got into some other things. I've mostly had technical jobs clear back to why am I paying you when you just sit on your butt days. The last one was real technical and I had to explain stuff to non technical people a lot of the time, I just got burned out on technology and said the heck with it for awhile.

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thats not full piracy if your still buying your os, rofl