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The only reason I think 2 is unlikely, is because in 2007 he got off for about the same as he's in now. So if I were him, I'd have some expectation that I could eventually get out.

Plus if he did it himself, he would've had to have had the means by which to do it, and in max security prisons they don't allow that, especially if he was on suicide watch a week earlier.

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With all the public attention to the case, I doubt they would do so. But it's possible he manages to bribe the jury or something to give him a good deal or find him innocent. Possible. I would at least try that, if I were him. Especially since only his properties are being forfeiture-d, I believe, but I am no expert in law. If indeed his money is forfeiture-d, (or he doesn't have enough money), it is unlikely the trial will be in his favour (unless the judge and/or jury are connected to him as well), so the only way to get a good deal would be to name others. If indeed the latter is the case (and the judge and/or jury aren't connected to him), or Epstein believed it would be the case, the only way he would think to get a good deal would be to give out names, which would put a target on him, and even if he legally got off, he would likely be in danger for the rest of his life. Wouldn't suicide be best if that is the case?

As for the means, I totally agree.

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Luckily we were able to see these trials in comic book sketches.