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More of the same, more of the same... she's no more a saviour than anyone before her.

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It's actually hilarious, I mean seriously, this woman has been throwing a lot of uninformed crap from her mouth, perhaps the symptoms of a bowel blockage even! Yet, dare disclose that she's just as Vigte stated, 'More of the same, more of the same...'; I don't think you can get any closer to the truth. Why not stay with your constituency, or in the manner in which she's encouraging all of us?

Just another prostitute, selling themselves for money, and she doesn't miss too much of an opportunity to display some large assets in tight shirts; just saying, and noting it every time I see them, I mean her :P

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t's actually hilarious

yes! politicians are actors, the pr people of the elites. they are putting up a really nice show for us, so we should be enjoying it, since we are paying for it anyway!

i mean look at trump and all the distractions around him (russia, the 'emergency') and 'dont look behind the curtain' operations left and right. with the right mindset, knowing its all just a show, its entertaining, comical even.

politicians. where are they finding them? they are not normal, thats for sure.

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I've got to say, I'm giving a standing ovation at this point. They maybe getting ready to kill us, but I know they'll take the unnecessary lackies out as well; so bravo, thanks so much for the show!!!! hahahahahahahahahah

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LOL I love how she pisses people off!

She's right though, this is not "news" in any sense, go find some substance. She already joked about how the establishment has been riding her for buying nice work clothes, now its her apartment. SHE'S SO AWFUL AND EVIL FOR LIVING. SHE PROBABLY EATS WELL TOO. LOL

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I'd give someone in need the shirt off my back; that's basically the platform she's supposedly supporting, it's very telling that she can be vocal on so many issues, but hates when it's pointed out she's living it up. Why?

Maybe she should be a living example of what she's promoting. A restrictive, exclusive luxury apartment, is not what she's advocating for the rest of us.

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Socialism involves you giving up stuff for others. She's living in a place that not many can afford, therefore, she's a hypocrite, but you do you.