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thanks, its passed all expectations and truly enhanced living

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At three in the morning I’ll be coming to visit you.. don’t worry I just wanna smoke some dank buds.

I’ll bring over bubba kush, ac/dc, catatonic, and I will help you do a wet trim when you’re ready to cure (I like wet trims, it’s easier to see and keep the sugar leaves imho)

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You rock! Count on it, great ideas!

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Seriously tho, beautiful grow! If you don’t mind me asking, what strain??

I’ve only been able to grow once, as I did it a year before I moved into an apt and can’t grow here without a proper indoor setup..

This was my only grow, from a couple of years back from beginning to end (Chocolate Hashberry Kush):

She provided over 4 ounces, and I used no boosters or pesticides, it was all natural. I removed yellowing and large fan leaves that blocked sun, but didn’t top it. I let it grow natural for the most part. I think it did so well because it was peat moss, which I only learned later is a terrible business to support as that’s from wet lands, which they destroy in the process by harvesting to sell.. cannabis seems to love it though.

I used a jeweler’s loupe and monitored the trichomes until they turned amber, so I know it had the most cbd and cbn and was ripe to harvest all around, including terpenoid-wise:

I know I don’t need to share this with you, but as a beginner this was really helpful for me:

There honestly is nothing like home grown cannabis. Hope you have a good harvest! :)

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Oh no joke you're into the plant too? The plant and cats? No higher vibe. You should get going again, you could fit what I use in an apt room, no problem. This turned out better than hoped. I usually do outside, this is the first time in. There's 2 strains in there, Bruce Banner #3 and Pearlescent, which is a Bubba Kush, Silver Pearl cross, it's a modern twist on an old favorite. They came from seeds. There is an outdoor from the same seeds, same strains, to compare the two and learn. We're growing in regular potters soil from home depot, nothing fancy but have used some nutes; maxi-bloom, recharge, so they're not strictly's dicey to run so I go all in to get as much for the winter. We make rso from the trim, that's been wonderful. These have been topped numerous times, super cropped, basically everything possible to increase yield.

I appreciate the trichromes tip, I was aware but thats a fine infographic. These are still clear, I think around the 8th or 10th, they'll be done. I will let you know how it ends up, I appreciate the advice, insights and interest very much!

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Cats, cannabis and cat nip ☺️

You should get going again, you could fit what I use in an apt room, no problem. This turned out better than hoped

I honestly don’t have the money rn :( that’s why I said I can’t. Your setup looks beautiful. And really, that’s bubba kush?? I love that strain, it’s amazing for epilepsy (that’s why I grew that one time, I have a med card).

And the tips were in no way for you!! It’s obvious you know what you’re doing!! I’m a fucking newb. I only grew one plant ever. I was just sharing that for anyone who happened to stop by and read it as it helped me a lot, cannabis is one of the easiest and fun plants to grow ime!!

The trich thing does make a difference ime too - a dude online (my cannabis senpai) showed me that infographic and explained to me most dispensaries/cultivators harvest as quickly as possible so the trichs are usually in the second to middle stage, they don’t wait for trichs to amber unless they’re doing it on purpose and charging more.

Same goes for cures, they do dry trims (faster) and the bare minimum for curing. He wanted me to cure mine for 3 months to a year if I had it in me (everything I read backed up what he said about long cures; more cbd and cbn is produced, cbg makes that happen iirc), I lasted two months lol. I’d check the bottles and humidity and burb the jars each day, and god it smelled so good - not skunky or like cannabis at all, but like lavender or something mixed with sweet candy.

I did “3 early mini harvests” where I would take a small nug during each of those “✅ harvest stages” on the infographic, and it really does make a difference even with the same strain/plant, your harvest time. I did separate cures with those as an experiment, and they didn’t even look the same physically. When I did the “early harvest”, the nug was bright green, some “pistons” were white, some where fully orange, some where orange on the bottom to white on top.

When I did the real harvest, the nugs were dark green and hues of purple (harvested mid November from may), even fan leaves where purpling at that point (I know this can be a result of abuse or over exposure to the cold, but it was always in the sun and I took it in everyday half-way through when I realized I was actually capable of growing it and seeing it all the way through lol). I really think you get the most out of cannabis from late harvests (ambered trichs), but I guess it’s subjective!

I can say for sure it wasn’t a psychedelic head high, it just mentally put me in a relaxed state where I was down to do anything, work or sit on the couch and melt into it, and all my muscles were tingling in my extremities and stomach. It’s hard finding strains like that!

Bubba kush, afghani (landrace), and blackberry kush are my all time favorite/medical strains for seizures. I’ve never tried Bruce baner, but I’ve been told I need to. I just got cannatonic for the first time as I love ac/dc, and that’s a great strain too!

Sorry for the cannabis ramble, I miss growing, your plants look beautiful and I’m jelly!! I hope you have a great harvest!

Edit: spelling & grammar, prolly more errors from typing on my phone, sry lol.

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I just had that thing happen where you're typing a long reply, get going, fumble, hit something that deletes half of it and also reversed my backspace key.

wtf and balls. please excuse my much shorter reply, mostly it involved regret that you are unable to do it, i got lucky and had help. I have been frustrated with things the last 20 years so all i do is smoke that and lift weights. It works very well, it is the best medicine, so no wonder its treated the way it is. I'll get some pictures of the outside deal too here, you might be interested in how thats going, theres an exact mirror of the tent plants outside to test as an experiment. This LED is a real game changer, its exceeded expectations, the whole setup was around $1300. It breaks my heart to see someone who clearly has a passion not be able to indulge, im glad you can smoke it at least. I appreciate the detailed message, talk to you soon!