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Did they actually let people out though? Last I heard they didn't and then there was some dude that was supposedly let out and was drunk in the burger king parking lot so he got shot bc o his own actions. It was all fake imo. They don't just let you out of jail. The human rights they already ignore in jail they never gave a fuck about a virus. I was in jail for 3 years, they denied soap and human rights the whole time. Guess they finally became cool. My ass.

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They are definitely a lot laxer with sentencing. There are people who have committed crimes that you have no idea about that weren't jailed over Corona. I've seen 2 IP2 streamers get off with shit already, with one committing GBH and lying to cops about it.

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They actually did. I don't know how you went from "this one story about a guy was fake" to "no one was ever even released".

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