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The cultural marxist theory is really a capitalist apologetic with antisemitic overtones pushed by the usual Roman Catholic deep state individuals from the Heritage Foundation, Council for National Policy and the like. The fact is the roots of modern degeneracy, egalitarianism and destruction of traditional ways of life are to be found very much before the 20th century starting with the Christian rejection of the Law of Moses and extending to the Joachimite contingencies that have propagated into the modern era including to Karl Marx, who, according to Ernst Bloch, was influenced by the theology of Catholic monk Meister Eckhart in regard to equality of persons - that everyone is an aristocrat (through virtue of the soul). The industrial revolution was also one of the primary forces in igniting feminism as can be gathered from a reading of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique.

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    Oh, I see. You are trying to escape how your ideas have failed, and you will relentlessly avoid the hard work, responsibility and persecution that comes with knowledge of truth. Got it, NEET.

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      You didn't address what I said, NEET. Communism goes back to the monasteries and vows of poverty. The Jewish Bible is not teaching communism. The Jewish Marxists like Bloch admit their ideology is coming from Christian metaphysics.

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        NEET hotline: 800-273-8255

        Keep justifying your lazy, cowardly and failed life NEET.

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        No, it doesn't and you reject Christ.