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I'd like to see some actual results. As people with depression might just be the early onset of dementia. We need propperjob figures, spanning generations over different countries.

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Perhaps there's something to that. Open transparent studies would help. I don't trust anything Big Pharma tells us. For example, they under reported the likelihood of suicidal tendencies for decades. I was wounded for over a decade in this way, by placing my blind faith in their proprietary Scientism.

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Oh dude don't let a few bad eggs ruin the principles of science. It works. It's how its used that can make it bad.

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It only works when it's open and transparent. Otherwise their secret proprietary "knowledge" is just Scientism, a blind faith in so-called "science", that can be exploited and used against you, or just to rip you off. It doesn't stop with Big Pharma. It applies to 5G, military applications, our computers, etc. There's a reason Windows is not secure and Gnu-Linux is.

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Hello mate, for the most part science has been open to scrutiny for a long time. Once research on a subject has been done it's usually published so other scientists are free to test their findings and repeat the results. This is called peer review. We owe many of modern life opulent luxury's to this principle. That is the core ideology of how to get things right and get technology to work. There are examples when this has not been followed but don't let them tarnish scientific method. I actually use Linux. And have been for the past year. It don't make much difference as long as the Intel management engine running in the background. I was able to disable it with me_cleaner.