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I think all governments do this. In the US most corporations and both major political parties want to control the content also. They all read 1984 and know how easy it is to alter perception.

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I think: that this is an unusual response to this post.

Is this a, "Well, everybody else is doing it too..." Hmmmmmm,,,?

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Spreading misinformation about history, even if only a bit different at first, and changing perceptions of others is not a new thing. Using the web is just the latest way of doing it. In ancient times a powerful tyrant-king would declare his word to be the only truth, even if he said 2+2=5. As long as sociopaths want power we'll have to put up with, and be aware of (as much as possible), the shit they're spreading.

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Your first comment sounds like you were attempting to deflect attention away from Israeli spying.

I'm just pointing out... That you're deflecting attention.


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