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I think It's important we get familiar with the different players that seek to influence public opinion in social media. I think this article covers a lot of this topics.

It's an article from the guardian talking about the British army creating teams of shills skilled in using psyops and things like that.

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Major players are:
US military,
US companies like Correct the Record,
Israel and Israelis abroad,
UK military,
Social Justice Warriors (usually badly informed).
These will play a major role in the 2020 madness.

Non-English speaking countries:
Saudi Arabia (US military work for them),
They seem to protect mostly their own interests.

Additionally many countries have all kinds of censorship. It may be interesting to find some people from inside that can inform us about those countries.

I think, the best way to counter propaganda is by using the logical fallacies to evaluate and criticize an article.

Propaganda usually starts with:
no evidence (or weak evidence),
personal attacks/ "calling someone hitler",
straw-man, black/white,
allowing no defence by accursed,

Crimes can be found by using normal investigation steps. But be careful not to break logical fallacies.
Crimes like corruption and conspiracies show:
secrets that should not be secret,
punishment of whistleblowers,
one-sided stories / biased science,
different angles that expose some of the crime.

(maybe I'll post this in AskSaidit after a few days to get a discussion starting).

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The DNC and RNC, and many other groups, also use Facebook to spread "the word" through memes and carefully selected "news". It's only going to get worse, in the US, when the parties and their sockpuppets buy ads and gain additional influence as 2020 approches.

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Man, 2020 is surely going to be a shit storm of epic proportions...

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Something like the JDL?

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(((British Army)))