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Exposing the members of the National Socialist German Worker's Party who secretly run everything on all political sides behind the scenes. /s

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They just need an enemy, and nazis are the "worst thing ever", so everyone without a sense of proportions just throws that name around like a schoolyard child. And any grey area is eliminated, the overton window shrinks, and any real crimes get lost in the noise of bullshit accusations. The perfect environment for people actively trying to undermine the American people.

Not to mention the whole "boy who cried wolf" effect. Words mean things, and when people abuse that for emotional leverage, everyone suffers.

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Godwins law, though this media retoric is quite different. Becasue instead of bringing Hitler up in a random argument, the media is throwing the term NAZI around to define peoplem, who most certainly are not members of the National Socialist German Workers Party. They simply do it to simply confuse their audience. The NAZI term was slang for the National Socialist Germans Workers Party, a term used well before Hitler EVER ROSE TO POWER. It was used by Lawyer and Zionist Samuel Untermyer, who helped to create the scofield bible, which created the Christian Zionism we see today. He was also a key figure in the creation of the Federal Reserve. ZIonists created the term when the National Socialists were a small minority party in Germany and elsewhere.

Zionists continue to use it today to whitewash their opposition.

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Most Euromutts are low IQ

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How about not spewing fallacies, thanks.

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Jesus was a Nazi.

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Everyone's a National Socialist German Workers Party member, didn't you know that?

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