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A lot of conspiracy theories involve the Roths and the Jesuits so I think people should know about these historical facts.

The Rothschilds are considered the guardians of the papal treasure according to the Jewish Encyclopedia. The two of them got to the relationship they currently have somewhere in the early 1800's, when Carl Rothschild was turned into a knight of the pope. Back then the two of them were on good terms with each other but for whatever reason, the Jesuits later started with their anti-semitic writtings. I think the anti-semitic memes have been exagerated in order to make us think the Roths are more powerful than they really are. The Jesuits have agents controlling the biggest banks in the world and we all know how currency is used by the elites for evil, so I think the Jesuits are in fact the most powerful group behind the NWO.

The Jesuits are the knights templar that took over the church after their original group was destroyed because they worshipped evil deities, but they got their group back together as the Jesuits and eventually managed to take control of the church. This dark occultism that they practiced is the reason behind what they do with the NWO, which is their plan to create a world communist regime for the black pope.

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Interesting. Though, the House of Rothschild is a powerful banking dynasty. It should be noted that none of the major world banking institutions are owned by truly religious Orthodox Jews who believe in God and renounce materialism and the so called pagan, gentile world for a spiritual, eternal relationship with God. Of course many of the Orthodox sects are filled with enthno-nationalist ideologies, Zionism (only a 200 year old phenomenon), supremacy and racist views. However, a majority of these Orthodox sects also have conflicting ideologies, some of whoch are sternly against the enthnostate and Zionism.

So, people like Paul Wolfowitz (a new neoconservative, neotrotskyite) who was president of the World Bank is a Jew. Not an Orthodox Jew but an apostate Jew by Orthodox standards, an atheistic Jew of Khazar origin.

Many of the banking elites who are Jews (the largest majorty observable in US commercial banking) are not practicing Jews. They are staunchly atheist and Zionist. What thr Orthodox Jews would consider apostates.

But internationally, many of the banks owners are Catholics, Jesuits and gentiles with varying faiths.