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Looks like a match to me, and the picture with all 3 of them is pretty compelling. Someone could snatch his DNA and find out for sure. Snatching some Castro DNA might be hard with all of their sonic weapons and whatnot.

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dig him out! :-)

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We just need like a nephew or grandson or something. I bet we could get that shit for like $500.

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it would be cool to know for sure. it would be money well spent. maybe a job for the dark web. i dont think any of the cuban servants around the castro family earn $500/month

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the sinclair / st claire is a known illuminati bloodline, templars, they built the rosslyn chapel and founded the scottish rite freemasons.

james sinclair the father of margaret sinclair (the 'mom' in the picture) and the grandfather of justin trudeau was still born in scotland

makes one wonder if the bloodlines are fundamentally matriarchal

either way, this makes turdeau not only a paedophile:

but a descendant of slave traders:

no wonder he supports and promotes human trafficking. he is probably profiting from it through the trudeau foundation society

their pederast logo:

the cia tried to kill castro dozens of times, but failed, repeatedly. how is that possible? looks like castro was simply a cia boss on a much higher level.

sbg: is there a connection?

also, here is trudeau and soros, discussing, how to destroy the west further:

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the jesuits, as always!

Fidel was sent to a Jesuit boarding school in Santiago de Cuba, where he was often teased by his wealthier classmates who called him a "peasant."