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I was inspired by u/AmericanMuskrat. I decided last Sunday that I was going to go rain or shine. First time this year and a place where I hadn't been. We brought chicken sausage and sauerkraut, but went the easy way and cooked some frozen personal pan pizzas. Beer would have made it better, but we were in a state park. No hiking this weekend, but we did some canoeing.

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That looks awesome, Zapped. Never thought of cooking frozen pizzas over the campfire. How was the weather?

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Weather was nice. Upper 80's, low 90's during the day. We had a brief shower Saturday afternoon while we were on the lake. It got a little muggy in the tent last night, but not too bad. We had neighbors Friday night who got a little loud. My son was asking why the guy was crying (we didn't know there was a female companion until later). We told him maybe the guy was having a bad dream. It didn't last more than 2 minutes, though, and they left Saturday morning.

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"Dad, why is that man crying like a bitch?"

He probably was called the wrong pronoun, son.

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Damn zapped, you are a genius. Taking frozen pizzas for me next trip(probably going to be early March, damn too cold here rn. Maybe if I visit my uncle in Tx, he wanted to show me a spot he had read on the outdoor blog :D