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Probably the best combination of words I've read on any platform in the entire course of last year. Thank you.

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How can we identify enemies foreign and domestic if they control the media?

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They don't control all media

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They control ALL of the big corporate media that dominates over 90% of the perceptions out there.

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This. People actually blame china while using a Chinese social media now. Shits hilarious.

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Good ones. Saved !

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You're welcome. The Archdruid is defunct now but it was good in its day for explaining much of the madness that has come to pass. I still use the wayback to read it from time to time. The TV is really the main source of poison in this world but people just refuse to accept that and continue to watch the news at least. Since the virus hit I have watched a lot of people/friends go downhill mentally, how could you not with 24/7 fear reporting. I saw the same thing after 9/11, and this is here in Oz mind you! People watched that shit day in day out until they were afraid to go into the city almost. I watched an hour of it on the first day on a friends TV and then went about my life carefree as always, hardly giving it another thought. That was easy BTW because people hardly spoke of it? Odd when you consider the fact. I see the same thing with covid. Everyone around me is saturated with the news but face to face it's hardly mentioned. I'd like to know what psychology is driving that phenomena.

You can't escape the programming, everyone thinks they have control of their minds but the simple onslaught of negative fear news overwhelms their common sense to the point where they can't act. Or if they do act it's usually in a non-productive way. Personally I think the whole covid thing has had many benifits, at least for me and my lifestyle. My job allows me to go anywhere, the roads were quiet, and the places in lockdown, restaurants, coffee shops, overpriced small businesses, were not places I frequented often anyway. If I needed to wear a mask in some places I did, why not, it's better to sacrifice a little pride to keep yourself unnoticed in this world than to go around with a sign on saying you disagree with the government and 99% of people out there.

Sometimes it makes sense to put up a fight against government and big business and I have done that in the past, but when the shit is Global? Forget it. I just keep my head down and plot ways through the madness. So far I have done ok in that regard.

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The TV is really the main source of poison in this world

I rarely watch news. Cut the cord and now use a few different streaming services instead. I have TV in my life without the agendas.

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Fair enough, were the odd ones out these days. I bought a huge flatscreen as a lounge ornament and occasionally watch movies on it off hard-drive. Every time I turn it on it wants to connect to the net but it never will. I thought of using it as a monitor and even bought the cord but then never bothered. There is a lot of documentation about how reading information is better than watching as far as analytical thought is concerned. Reading allows the brain to "think" while the reader is reading whereas video is more of an emotional experience and the watcher does no generally think critically during the process.

I find that I will agree totally with a video segment if it is aligned with my current beliefs on a subject or else dismiss it out of hand if it speaks against them. There is no real thinking taking place in my head, just judgements. I experienced this just an hour ago watching a vid on solar roadways off the EEVblog I thought the whole thing was bullshit but it may actually have had some good information. To me though it was just another dreamer's vision of utopia and all the while they were prattling on about how magical the roadways would be all I could think of was the billions of tons of concrete and steel needed to underpin the whole affair. At one point they showed a section where power etc is routed below the road and when I saw the huge concrete channels I went "Ah Ha! Bullshit" No critical thought in that :)

For this reason I prefer to read my news and other information, a little old fashioned in today's world I know, but sometimes the old ways are the best ways. EDIT: This phenomena isn't universal of course, I admit that, A lot can be learned from video. It just seems to me it's a natural channel for grosser propaganda.

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Uh, they do. They very clearly do.

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Yet here we are

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Look at the insighful scores, you and wristactions. You have 2 because I gave you one but most agree with the fatalistic appraisal of wr. And yet here we are, on a bastion of free speech and yet the majority clearly feel they are "Trapped" in an Orwellian matrix with no hope of discovering the truth. I can only imagine what posters on other less liberal (dare I use that word) sites are thinking.

This is how internal wars are won, the victims give up before the battle even starts.

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That's a rabbit hole isn't it. I've spent an hour down there and still haven't found the definition of 5th wave but I'll keep exploring lol, the mouse Utopia video was enlightening.

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I don't bother putting it back on Wikipedia anymore.

Here's the definition:

Fifth-generation warfare 5GW - propaganda and information warfare to accomplish strategic, operational, and tactical objectives, without measurable damage that the target can identify. Importantly in 5GW the target may not even know it has been attacked, thus the target has already lost that battle.

As long as people think COVID or SJWs or Alt-Right or whatever is the problem they're not realizing the class war is waged from the ruling class and their deep state.

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That all makes sense, whenever I see the media pushing something I often look in the opposite direction to see what's really going on.

About 120 years ago the majority of people were still of the serf class, for lack of a better name. The rulers had a good hold on them, as they had for all time really. Then something changed, people say it was the industrial revolution but more specifically I believe it was OIL. Oil was so cheap, so abundant that the flow on effects to average person lifted them out of poverty and on the road "literally" to a much better lifestyle.

Soon they were clogging all the best beaches, hogging the slopes at the ski resorts and noisily motoring their little pleasure boats in and out amongst the 'elite's' luxury yachts. This must have been galling for the old monied families of the world, as it would be today. This reset might be simply an effort to re-balance the rich/poor equation as they see it.

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You could be correct. I suspect they are preparing for a world where A.I. makes their debt-slave labour non-essential. For years I've been trying to promote...


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I guess I'm the most mild of optimists. I realize this is a dark moment, but people lived through the entire rise and fall of the Soviet Union. Nothing doesn't change. Keep the faith.

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Yes you are right, there are plenty of ways to muddle through and duck and dive.

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The ADL will eventually work their way down the list.

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Arab Defense League?

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No, the Amish Defense League.

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Ahhh, sleepers.

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The fringe of the fringe of the fringe. We still matter, but not nearly as much as bigger players/targets. Yet.

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give it a year and this place will get attacked like voat did, voat in its early days had hoards of sockpuppet accounts come out of nowhere and start posting CP, then a bunch of complaints were also filed with the FBI.

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Then we move on I guess.

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Or decentralize.

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Have a forum within a forum, a secret place that excludes the obvious trolls. Vet a poster for a month or two then invite them. All the same content is mirrored there but only members posts can be viewed.

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Funny you should mention that. Because of your insights I added you to my "friends". I don't usually tell folks, it's just a better way to cut through the crap and read better content. I bring it up because I had also added all my "friends" (all rational and civil) to the /s/WhiteOwlSocialClub when I was mod. I don't know if anyone is doing anything there now. There are 6 or 7 mods there who can add you. I'll add them in a sec.

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Well thanks for the vote of confidence Jason, I would have added you by now but I'm pretty slack with those aspects of forums. I had only one on my list, Node, now it's two. It's difficult in places like forums, there is that settling in period where you can tend to offend others by blurting out some criticism of a post, sometimes because you didn't bother to read it properly lol. Phone conversations can be awkward too when discussing deep things, there are no visual body language triggers like when you're sitting in person.

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We're being attacked right now, haven't you noticed.

The mainstream woke have been saying all over SM they are going to go to all the places the right hang out after their success with Parler. You can see the difference in the comments here the last few days as they trickle in.

Luckily the bunch we have's only form of attack is to call people nazis then cry.

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Yuri Bezmenov

You look weak. Stop it.

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I don't know what you mean. It seems we're far further down the path of what Bezmenov warned us about.

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The point was he told everyone that the whole aim is to get people like (You) to be all pouty and sad.
Act like a big boy.

All media is controlled. There's nothing we can do about it. We should just roll over!

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I wouldn't have agreed with this fully until 2 days ago.

I had a "conversation" with someone I knew perfectly well and had plenty of "debates" with before.

But my lord, I even tried to meet half way and show him evidence of wrong-doing by the people he dislikes and it's like his brain wouldn't even see the articles...

Now, I don't think I ever want to waste time talk to them again.

All I have to say now is this

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My uncle truly thinks that Obama is somehow going to remove Trump from office so he can become king. What a fucking dumbass, conspiracy theorists are ruining this country

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Hey poofter, you in Oz?

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Not that you shouldn't be wary of your friends, family, and neighbors that may see you as an enemy.

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A good rule of thumb: always kick up.

It's not hard to distinguish a hard target from a soft target. The January 6 Patriots selected a hard target: the seat of government power. Antifa-BLM, alternatively, spent the summer attacking motorists and burning down workingclass communities.

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Which just goes to show what they are fighting I guess. The blacks, their poverty and their inability to own nice cars and buy from Nike stores, and the White MAGA mobs which are fighting the seat of government where the large scale corruption emanates. At least the blacks got to scamper away with some booty.

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They don't call the unwashed masses the 'Herd' for nothing. They are brainless sheep who follow each other into anything, their thinking being surface thinking, connected to the basic lusts of the senses and desires their for food, shelter, sex and for acceptance and POWER. This is where well meaning people always fail in their pursuits for the Utopian society, they believe people are basically intelligent and decent but nothing could be further from the the truth.

You don't need modern mass media outlets to accomplish this perversion of the masses either. It's been done by Radio, by pamphlets, newspapers and by face to face propaganda all throughout history. You can't stop it, all you can do is get out of the way or you'll be trampled under foot, thrown into a gulag, lined up in front of a ditch and shot in the head.

The wise animal blends into it's surroundings.

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What if someone just happens to enjoy those atrocities? I mean we can't paint with such a wide brush can we? Shouldn't we be inclusive to the atrocity loving folk? We don't share the same skin but we are, kin.

You're a racist. A patriarchal shitlord for not accepting atrocity makers.

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    If you want to keep Google away from your data but still want the content on YouTube, try Invidious, a frontend for YouTube. You can even transfer your subscriptions and create playlists. It has the option to proxy video data so your IP address doesn't make any requests to Google.

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    Don’t worry everyone! The trump terrorists are going to go away for a very long time and won’t ever get to vote again! Brighter days are ahead, January 20th will be here before you know it ❤️

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    wise words, divirorum

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    They got mad when we did the sit back and watch it burn meme. That meme is literally dead now, 4chan banned people that said it. All the dead meme s are bc 4chan banned people. Site is comped to the max.

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    Be warned, we will literally not care what they do and won't even give a shit bc we won't even see it.