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    I mean in regards to stuff they tell you on news and shit, remember it's all lies

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    Also don't watch the news on either sides, or if you do, look at both sides, never just one. They all have the same agenda. Split us up into the 2 parties.

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    Just always keep and open mind and remember that it's all a show, they are working together for Israel. True.

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    Just always keep and open mind and remember that it's all a show, they are working together for Israel.
    Conspiracy on the same level as Aliens running the world.

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    Obviously, that's why America has spent the last few decades in the middle East systemically taking out Israel's opponents.... Out of charity? Due to a morbid fascination with sand?

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    that helps support his point

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    Not sure which point you mean it supports, I was being sarcastic

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    sure you were

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    Bro re-read his comment, he is pointing out how the US is Israel's lapdog.

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    nah he missed the point

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    How? The guy said the JQ is akin to 'aliens running the world' and the guy pointed out that America objectively does go to wars with all of Israel's enemies. How does this make the JQ seem nonsensical and akin to aliens running the world?

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    then supports a zionist president

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    America has spent the last few decades in the middle Eas to secure the last of the world's Oil, that's obvious now isn't it. The jews are just an extension of the US military. They do what the US would be doing anyway, dividing the arabs and weakening them.

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    The world has no shortage of oil, the only limiting factor for the foreseeable future is whether its extraction is profitable. America is also not only self-sufficient when it comes to oil production, courtesy of the Permian and other oil shale basins, but was actually (until production dropped this year due to an OVERABUNDANCE of oil) the world's largest oil exporter.

    That said I will don't disagree with you saying the IDF is just an extension of the US military, but I think it would be more accurate to say both are the tools of the same global cabal of oligarchs and banksters.

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    only limiting factor for the foreseeable future is whether its extraction is profitable

    You say that like it's a small thing. When oil costs $200 a barrel about fuckall of the common man is going to be able to afford anything but totally essential travel. As it goes higher it won't be affordable at all. Unaffordable gas is the same as no gas.

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    Again, I don't disagree with that in any way, but the American government doesn't give a shit about the common man, and they sure as hell didn't invade the middle east for the good of the average American. Profitable oil ≠ Affordable oil. Like I said, we've never in history had more oil available to us and yet it remains near all time high prices to the average person due to profiteering.

    I don't disagree that the rest of us are fucked, my point is that that is not why America is in the middle east.

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    Our economy doesn't work without cheap oil. I didn't mean to imply it's altruistic.

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    Ok, not quite on the same level :)

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    Who are the different political parties in Israel working for then?

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    Even the most liberal person in Israel will tell you that her/his personal and national security is more important than the human rights of her/his neighbors. But that person is not at issue here. OP refers in part to the continuence of the plans of the military industrial complex, which Israel and others have taken advantage of for their own purposes, and which the US supports at great expense to millions, globally.

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    u/executehomophobes will deny this

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    Yep - he/she ... doesn't seem to know shit from Shinola

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    Shut up goy

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    Enemies of the Jews and enemies of homosexuality have no more human rights than a white supremacist. They're not human so they don't deserve human rights.

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    We're all human, unfortunately.

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    Username checks out in this case.

    But don't think for a second that all Jews support same sex relationships. Indeed, many of them don't.

    And if you want to execute people who don't agree with you, why should anyone read your nonsense? (You do realize that homophobes are sometimes gayer than RuPaul's duct tape.)

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    You do realize that homophobes are sometimes gayer than RuPaul's duct tape.

    Yeah, homophobic men so homophobic they would rather be a woman than gay.

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    seems you may have lost your marbles, mate

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    Nope. I'm perfectly sane. Trying to heterosexualize gay people through surgery is a war crime and those who perpetrate it need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Only a bigot disagrees with that statement. And who are you to define sanity?

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    Jesus Christ dude, I thought you were a troll at first, but I see you really spend a lot of time on here. Honestly, go outside, pet a dog, go to a park. Ranting about imaginary problems on here isn't going to improve your life.

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    These problems are not imaginary.

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    You lost me, mate. I haven't the foggiest clue what you're talking about in these past two comments.

    Perhaps take the wonderful advice of /u/ThinkpolCommissar

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    I think you're really on to something. Just always keep searching for the truth, and don't trust anything, it's all a lie anyways.

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    I agree with all of this except:

    "The election doesn't matter, it's been rigged for decades. They're just causing a big fuss to sow more division between left and right."

    1) The election was very important. Regardless of how you see it, there are now millions of Americans who feel that they have had an impact on the future of their country. Even if you argue with this, it is important.

    2) It's because there have been ways to rig the election that millions of additional votes (even from dead people, if you want to believe that) were necessary to win the election. An overwhelming number of anti-Trump voters wanted to be heard. (Many GOP members were re-elected in their gerrymandered and Fox/Sinclaire-brainwashed regions, however, which is still worrying.)

    3) In terms of who sows division, the GOP are the undisputed leaders in this, and support for Trump was a culmination of this development since the approaches of the Nixon admin. Because the GOP has a long history of supporting the 1% at the expense of the 99%, their political weapon has always been to sow division, gerrymander, use electronic voting machines, limit election reform, and use corporate money to control Fox/Sinclaire style propaganda as if it were news, and thus limit the popular vote.

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    It literally doesn't matter who wins left or right in anything big because they're all working together.

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    This is EXACTLY what the GOP want you to believe. Consider both candidates the same, and the one with the most corporate sponsorship wins. Unless you select the lesser of the two evils, you will seo no progress. Did you have another approach in mind? Nuke the place and start over?

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    dems do nothing different when in power, I suppose they want you to think they're different from repubs so you vote for them and donate to them

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    Would you rather have 4 more years of what the GOP have been doing to the US? Look at the various historical assessments in the forms of graphs about the extent to which the economy tanks during Republican administrations vs. Dem administrations. These are NOT equal administrations.

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    i'd probably slightly prefer GOP in charge just cuz it's entertaining how libs get all mad at how based Trump was. Tho I guess right now it is funny how qtards are all in denial about Biden winning so the next 4 years might be entertaining. But whomever is president doesn't effect me personally. The economy was doing good under trump but I know it was under Obama as well. I used to think it mattered because the economy was good under Clinton then crashed under W Bush but looking back the reason it crashed was because of actions clinton took and it was a house of cards. Either way the economy was run by rothschilds not whomever the president was so they didn't matter.

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    I see - this is a joke to you. It's also bizarre that many belie Fox's claims that the US economy is OK under the GOP. Consider the massive debt, people out of work, small businesses closing, people on the streets, no stimulous support for anyone (other than the 1%). The US is becomming a banana republic. Look for better news sources. It will effect you in due course.

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    debt doesn't matter, people out of work is due to covid. you're not getting stimulus with biden either, it will be blamed on repubs but I know obama didn't do anything for us either so this will be the same.

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    None of this is true, but lol, right?

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    all of it's true and you're a paid shill, bye

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    Nuke the place and start over?

    We have to nuke it from orbit. Only way to be sure.

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    OK - but this is more James Bond movie than reality.

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    It's Aliens, James Bond wasn't in that one. Although that would make an interesting mashup.

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    This is the most asinine, divicive and misleading response I've seen in a while. Please, get a BIG shovel and dig your head out of your ass.

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    Can you support your statement?

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    tried to put the keys up on the table

    you wanted to

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    Good start OP. Then this thread went off the rails, proving your point.

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    "its the jews" NPC detected.