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Let's not create another sub on here called r/GoldenTruth. I intend to combine both r/TurboChangs and r/GoldenTruth content from Reddit if that makes sense into this sub. I'll see what content I can recover from the archives.

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These reddit pinkoid cucks are some of the most disgusting hypocritical fuck faces in the planet.
Fuck those two faced faggots

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Amen Golden bro. We can say whatever we want without fear here now lol. Just no advocating for violence or NSFW.

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Yep. Add me as a mod btw

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A few points I want to make:

  1. This interface is terrible and lacks a mobile app, it is not going to attract many users, the main purpose of the old subs were to goldpill AMs and support AMXF.

  2. If r/AsianMasculinity and r/aznidentity can exist, then all we need is a Golden Sub where explicit extreme messages are not allowed.

  3. Goldens can have a private place to chat and create Goldpill content to be passed around, but no extreme and explicit messages should appear in the subs. If need be, Goldpills can be released as links to images uploaded elsewhere (imgur) or sent in private chat, but avoid any type of shit-posting.

  4. Leaving reddit would make us lose the opportunities of taking AM users away from WhiningMasculinity and WhiningIdentity, or goldpill any of those channy AMs on the AMWF sub.

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the saidit space is a backup in case something happens to all the golden spaces, its where we can talk a bit more relaxed without wondering if our next comment will give us the ban hammer by the adm1ns. ESR will not be private forever as well and more users will be invited in gradually even while its still private.

Following the rules in reddit is easier said than done when the admins have a very clear double standard on what is allowed and what's not. Ive seen the most mildest and harmless of comments be removed by the them while calls for outright sexual violence against afs by white supremacists is deemed acceptable even when reported. Part of the reason tc and gt got banned is because as mods we've seen every single one of the posts and comments there be reported by yt trolls who kept trying to bring attention of the admins to our spaces to shut it all down.

When a golden space is large enough, it also attracts brigades and cross posts that attracts xms that try to bring the subs down, even if its just amxf content.

Of course, if others have their own unique ideas of making and maintaining a golden community here, else where, or even on reddit, I don't see the problem in that. I even suggested to another that tiktok could also be a better avenue for more publicity and gold pilling as many asians as possible. There's also r/AsiansCuckingPinkies as well. I'm just telling you from experience though that even if you mod very strictly the reddit platforms are ultimately stacked against us and it seems like all based golden spaces have a limited shelf life.

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What about discord

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I think there is a TC discord but from what I've heard it's been very inactive. As I mentioned to another user, I think it's a good idea for different goldens to have a diverse way and spaces to spread gold pills, whether here, on reddit or elsewhere. Such as a strictly amxf content only sub. I'd support it. The saidit community will just be another outlet and could also be helpful for those that have been perm banned on reddit and cannot make an account.

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Id said reactivate that discord server, can draw in more people on discord

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I think white girls get riced owns that discord, you should contact him.

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I don't own the Discord server. Genghis Bruh owns it.

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Oh my bad.
What's that guy been up to these days? I swear I almost forgot him about him at this point lol

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Thanks for your ideas. 1. I haven't exactly given up on Reddit just yet despite their atrocious censorship and repeated banning of all our subs. IF we are going to stay on Reddit we HAVE to keep it to JUST a casual AMXF subreddit and ONLY allow posting AMXF content and NOTHING ELSE. Not even politics at this point. We'll also have to set up strict rules and heavily police it. I'm only pessimistic because it seems even no matter how hard we police our sub we still get banned at the end. I literally even shadowbanned the some people from r/GoldenTruth and it STILL got banned. We're doing everything we can. 2. A lot of people have been saying this and I somewhat agree: r/AsianMasculinity and r/aznidentity are chancucked. The only reason r/aznidentity hasn't been banned yet is because they pander to liberal ideology. Same with r/AsianMasculinity since it's basically another version of r/aznidentity except more focused on AM stuff. 3. Yeah no shit-posting anymore. Those days are gone. 4. I will admit I do like Reddit's style and even its user interface although some people say it's shit.

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so I guess no more showing stuff like AMWF/asian boi got more view vs WMAF/white boi on tik tok or some Burmese stud got #1 sexiest man alive since these things tend to piss off the losers resulting them mass report the sub. That's retarded

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What's discussed here aren't final decisions, we're still in the discussion/brainstorming phase.

Personally, I would allow some form of shitposting even if it triggers pinks, at least in esr, because simply any single thing triggers these 40+ year old wizards, even an innocent picture of amaf, meanwhile subs like r/Wehrmacht on reddit is ok. If we mod down too hard, then the soul of the sub would be lost, so this issue requires a delicate balance between proper modding and freedom of users.

I'm waiting for another senior mod to come back and respond, to fully flesh out how we will go forward and manage these spaces on reddit or somewhere else. Of course some of these discussions on here are open to you guys as well, for transparency and also to give you guys a voice on it as well.

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I was thinking about deleting my Reddit account, that place is run by god damn hitler

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It's up to you really. I'm still going to keep my account.

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I hate reddit sm they literally permabanned my first and alt accounts smh

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Hey Gigi welcome back! Just out of curiosity though, how did you come to know about this saidit space? IIrc reddit was banning your accounts like every second lol

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She probably saw the link in r/ESR.

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I was sad when they booted you. I hate Reddit so much.

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Yup :( they can choke on shit

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Gigi I’m the guy on YouTube that commented thank god I found saidit

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Exactly fuck Reddit and their libnazi censorship.

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Iibnazi reddit is a big shithole worse than Facebook imo.

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OMG! Welcome back SithQueenGigi!!! I saw you got banned twice on Reddit. Welcome back veteran!

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Thank you!!! It's good to be back once again 😌

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Holy shit, it's banned. Is Golden Truth here as well? Eastern Sun Rising?

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esr is still alive on rddt. Send a modmail there, and I'll invite you and others in gradually. Another saidit space here is AsianDynasty:

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I am permanbanned from redd.

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Yay! Hello