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/s/Trutherism101 + Content Overview + wiki + InfoGalactic T101 project

All Bittersweet Seeds and Trutherism 101 content, discussions, posts, comments, and images are copyright property of Jason Carswell of Glossed And Profound. When these projects become established with momentum, sustainability, and security, then these projects will be open-sourced. Forks may come or go but Glossed And Profound will always be the official original source.

T101 - Wiki

This wiki page, for now, will be a scratch pad to draft up ideas and future content to share, etc.

All Truther Top 20s content, discussions, posts, and comments are free and open source like SaidIt, however note, though forks may come or go, Glossed And Profound will always be the official original source.

All Bittersweet Seeds & Trutherism 101 content is © Jason Carswell of Glossed And Profound. I will open-source it all if and when these projects become sufficiently established with enough momentum and financial sustainability to be secure regardless if others with different motives try to corrupt the essence of these projects. Upon the untimely demise of the creator, me, Jason Carswell, I hereby will that all of it become F/LOSS.,, and were registered on 2019-05-01 for future use.

T101 - Sidebar

Please try to keep this subsaidit family friendly.

This Trutherism 101 subsaidit is for developing a anti-authoritarian, anti-corruption, agitprop, philosophy-comedy, animated-short series project that will be transparently published on this sub where it will be refined, developed, and evolve with public feedback.

Trutherism 101 aims to hit the most critical issues, spun with humour, comically critical of all views including my own, though without delving into woo. The meme-like series of animated-shorts will be developed here on SaidIt. Most of these shorts will fit on the framework of a larger ambitious narrative outline. This outline is the basis for a Trutherism docu-mockumentary feature film.

Trutherism 101 will provide Bittersweet Seeds background contextual understanding for globalization predicaments the masses are ignorant of. It's also intended to be a productive release valve for my conspiraphilia so the Bittersweet Seeds story doesn't get overloaded and alienating to the masses. T101 will support the deeper ideas in BsS, as TT20 will back up the ideas of T101 with citations for those curious seeking more answers and good research.

I'll do the first season myself alone if I need to. By sharing here I hope to inspire recruits and help along the way, especially after the first series gets released. The entire process, from conception to script, from storyboard to animatic, eventually to final product, will all be developed here on SaidIt with Glossed And Profound.

T101 - Forthcoming

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T101 - To Do List

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▶ Once established with sufficient momentum, sustainability, and security, these projects will be open-sourced. Upon the untimely demise of Jason Carswell all become F/LOSS.
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▶ donate options + merchandise store = coming eventually,, and were registered on 2019-05-01 for future use. Long in conception, finally here on SaidIt, the official origin place, started on May Day, 2019. May 1 is a metonym for International Workers Day, a day of celebration of the working class. Behind it lies a complex largely forgotten history dating back over one-and-a-half centuries. Look into it.

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