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/s/Trutherism101 + wiki + InfoGalactic T101 project

All Bittersweet Seeds and Trutherism 101_content, discussions, posts, comments, and images are copyright property of Jason Carswell and when they achieve financial sustainability with a growing fan base these projects will be open sourced. Though forks may come or go, _Glossed And Profound will always be the official original source, created-founded by Jason Carswell, for better and worse.

T101 Summary

This is a philosophy-comedy agitprop animated-short series, and feature length mocumentary project that will be published on this sub where it will be refined, developed, and evolve with public feedback.

The meme-like series of animated-shorts will be developed here. Most of these shorts will fit on the framework of a larger anti-authoritarian narrative outline. This outline is the basis for a Trutherism feature film.

What is it about? Alternatives | AlternativeHistories | AnarchistPhilosophy | AntiAuthoritarian | AntiBanksters | AntiBigOil | AntiBigPharma | AntiConsumerism | AntiCorporatocracy | AntiEugenics | AntiExploitation | AntiGlobalists | AntiNeoCon | AntiNewWorldOrder | AntiPoliceState | AntiRegulatoryCapture | AntiRiggedSystems | AntiTechnocracy | AntiTotalitarianism | AntiUsury | AntiWahhabism | AntiWar | AntiZionism | AuthoritySkepticismAllThings | BalanceAndFairness | Conspirituality | Conspirophilia | CounterPropaganda | CounterSocialEngineering | CriticalThinking | DecentralizeAllThings | DelvingDeepAndPeelingLayers | DeprivatizeAllThings | EvilCorporateSingularity | ExpandingAwareness | ExposingCorporateMediaManipulation | ExposingCorruption | ExposingCovertOps | ExposingDeepState | ExposingFalseFlags | ExposingHegelianDialectics | ExposingLimitedHangouts | ExposingPsyOps | ExposingShadowGovernment | FightElitesNotEachOther | FixToxicEarth | FreedomOverSecurity | FreezePeaches | NaturalLaw | OpenScienceOverScientism | RecontextualizeAllThings | Skepticism | Solutions | Sustainability | TransparencyAllThings | TruthSeeking | UniversalBasicHealthcare | UniversalBasicIncome | Voluntarism | WakeTheSheeple | WarOnWhistleblowers | WeDoNotConsent | WellBeingAndFulfillment | WhoWatchesTheWatchers ...among many other things.

Development here will cover the entire process, from conception to script, and then from storyboard to animatic to final product will be posted here. Also, ideas and policies about everything else, from collaborative ideas to fundraising sources, from opening credit concepts to closing credits ideas, from off-site resources to openness and transparency.

Initially this project will be slow going. I don't expect anyone just to jump on board for some nice ideas. I will prove to people that its worth doing by leading by example. This not only gives me all the creative freedom but it also burdens me with all the work. As much as I dislike the cult of celebrity, I must embrace the identity of "original genius creator" and all the branding that goes with it in order to maintain as much control over my project as possible. Why? Because I intend to open source it all, eventually, after momentum has grown. There after people may try to corrupt it but they will never be the "original genius creator". Also, I hope to deflect the focus from me to the umbrella management company, "Glossed And Profound", which will eventually include many like-minded folks.

This restricted subsaidit feed will be where evolving content will be published. There will be no feedback here, for now, to keep it simple and organized. Feedback and interactivity is very welcome and appreciated in /s/GlossedOver. All help is greatly needed and greatly appreciated.

T101 Overview

This overview list includes potential titles of posts that are also major task goals, information, creative content, etc. These will be text posts with content that may be updated, refined, and linked here as things develop.

  • Trutherism 101: Project Overview, aka Table Of Contents
  • Glossed And Profound: Origin Story, aka Projects' History
  • Trutherism 101: Project Status + To Do Lists
  • Trutherism 101: Project Seeking Help / Creative Help
  • Trutherism 101: Pre-Production
  • Trutherism 101: Pre-Production - Conceptual Outline
  • Trutherism 101: Pre-Production - Character Naming
  • Trutherism 101: Pre-Production - Topical Overview
  • Trutherism 101: Pre-Production - Set Development & Sketches
  • Trutherism 101: Pre-Production - Character Development & Sketches
  • Trutherism 101: Pre-Production - Stylization Development & Sketches
  • Trutherism 101: Pre-Production - Narrowing It Down
  • Trutherism 101: Content Summary Variations:
    • Trutherism 101: Logline / Elevator Pitch = 1 or 2 LINE plot summary
    • Trutherism 101: Outline = 1 or 2 PARAGRAPH plot summary
    • Trutherism 101: Series Arc = 1 or 2 PAGE summary of topics to explain or expose and mock
    • Trutherism 101: Synopsis = 1 or 2 PAGE plot summary
    • Trutherism 101: Movie Script / Feature Screenplay = 90 to 120 PAGES = 90 to 120 minutes
  • Trutherism 101: Plot breakdowns, character arcs, and character backstories
  • Trutherism 101: Creative Direction = unscripted detailed notes on filmmaking, cinematography, production design, colour schemes, themes, tone, pace, music, etc.
  • Trutherism 101: Comparative References = inspirations and similarities in media, ideas, history, politics, propaganda, dogmas, the future, etc.
  • Trutherism 101: End Credits + Recommendation Promotions (Truthers, factual books, dystopian books, deep state glossary, etc.)
  • Trutherism 101: Design Options
  • Trutherism 101: Design Development
  • Trutherism 101: Voice Casting
  • Trutherism 101: Storyboards = rough composition and action
  • Trutherism 101: Click tracks = rough audio recordings and timing
  • Trutherism 101: Board-O-Matics = crude movies with very limited animation of the storyboards
  • Trutherism 101: Blocking = crude staging animations
  • Trutherism 101: Animation = crudedly rendered with better animation
  • Trutherism 101: Rendering = animation with textures and lighting
  • Trutherism 101: Post-production = compositing
  • Trutherism 101: Finals = animations ready to be shared and posted
  • Trutherism 101: Social media promotion / interactivity / spread awareness / merchandise / raise support

T101 To Do List

  • revisit and finesse
  • Add Note: 2019-05-16 7:20pm EDT I learned of a Netflix series called Mossad 101 (2015), from Know More News Terrorists Targeting Iran | Christopher Bollyn at 1h03m30s. Trutherism 101 has nothing to do whatsoever with Mossad 101, nor any other "101" for that matter, series or otherwise.
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