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If you read the article, it doesn't sound like they'll use this to replace glass, but then again, perhaps?

For anyone that's familiar with wood, and moisture content, I'm curious if the cellulose retains any moisture before impregnation with epoxy, and is it really clear wood, or is it epoxy with wood fiber for strength?

I like good innovations....

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It's not fully opaque like even thin veneer is. Then again, calling it transparent is inaccurate. It's translucent. A thin film will allow a good view, but a thicker film will be like frosted glass. Light will pass through, but you won't see anything clearly.

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I'm curious as to how strong it is, if they can retain measurable strength, I could see this stuff being used as for structural insulated panels. Used in this manner, along with the translucent properties could really be implemented in a neat way.

I was watching youtube, and it's amazing the differences in construction between the USA, and Europe; over there, they're pushing the limits of wood composites. My bet is, to keep an eye on that market for this product.