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.... On the heels of NZ. A couple thoughts of wonderment: a.) did they kill 50ish Muslims to halt the growing outcry over the college 'pay to diploma' scandals? It makes sense, there's a ton of money by way of student loans, and regular tuition; plus it's the indoctrination nexus.

b.) these attacks always further gun control; yet now somehow all these world leaders are on the same page??? I can see a UN Mandate coming out of this; a worldly decree for all pissants everwhere.

Always ask who benefits, then you'll see who's really pulling the strings.

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Whenever I see efforts to confiscate guns or make them inaccessible, I refer to this, which terrifies me:

Check out what happens every time a country relinquishes their guns. It seems to me that the US will go about it like the old saying: "death by a thousand cuts".