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Welp, fwiw I treasured a trove of Dr Seuss books since before I could read, and I turned out to be completely not-racist. Plus, most of the characters are imaginary whimsical characters that are green, blue, polkadotted, striped, etc. We should be hearing soon from their advocacy groups I guess.

This kind of thing happened to Winsor McKay's historical work in the 90s over the "black sambo" character in his Little Nemo series. Okay, yes, it's an uncomfortable stereotype that was completely normalized in McKay's day. But what bugged me most about this sudden rejection of one of the world's most talented cartoonists was that despite the visual stereotype, the character was very wise and always had the solution to the problem at hand.

IMO it's just as harmful to adopt a so-called "positive" extreme as it is to adopt a "negative" one. Recognizing the nuance and complexity of the human experience, being open, and remaining committed to responsiveness rather than reactivity, is a much better strategy than banning, censoring, bullying and regulating everyone into the current version of "correctness."

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I think you summed it up right here, despite the visual stereotype, the character was very wise and always had the solution to the problem at hand. I remember Sambo, and loved Sambo; nobility comes to mind. Neither it was ugly, nor Aunt Jemima. The establishment made it ugly; they stole our right to speak, as now our cultural inclusions, have become exclusions; our rights of acceptance, are now hate by way of decree from above.... HOW IRONIC!!!

The more they tell all of us, we're the same, and at the same time, all haters, the more hate is created.....

The irony.

Forebearers of so many races, and cultures have probably turned a few hundred revolutions in their graves by now.

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Burn'em! Burn'em! Burn'em! Destroy any trace, tear down any Seuss statues, along with the Confederates!!!! Destroy'em all! Muhahaha

I watch the youtube giant documentaries a lot; there's not much concrete evidence other than really big steps, and big door ways. It's a completely debatable topic as to real, or not.

Well, isn't that what we're doing as we move towards the continued destruction of history, and culture?