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"Sea-level rise" is currently estimated to be about one centimeter per century. Be afraid. Be very damned afraid, but not of sea-level rise. Be afraid of the people who tell "journalists" to write this bilge and the people who believe it. While we're on the subject, better to worry about the coming, but relax, not so soon, of a mini-ice age rather than the global warming nonsense we've been fed for decades.

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They have had ancient mega-sea-rises, but supposedly were due to glacial damns naturally giving way, then rebuilding, or similar..

Who knows, but I concur with your post; I'm experiencing the start of the ice age now; I'm petrified, as I look out my window, all I see is a WHITE; it's everywhere, and deep; who knows, who knows when it'll go away! LOL

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The snow must have been some kind of wake-up call for LA as well. Or maybe those people never experience wake-up calls. Good luck with digging out. As for mega sea rises, about 12,000 years ago we evidently had one of up to a hundred meters that set off flood legends in cultures all around the world. Those ice age glaciers and two-mile-thick icecaps were holding a whole lot of water. Stay warm.

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Thanks Buffet, re-affirming that fight, or flight cortisol.... Oh yeah, the f***ing Sun is gonna explode anytime too!

Ever notice how they work extra diligently to scare us?...continually?

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