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Mulsim trannies get away with passing better because they wear burqas.

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The interests and goals of transgender women run counter to those of actual women, and particularly lesbians since lesbians invalidate transwomen by existing.

They can't be real girls if the real girls who like other real girls don't want them. It becomes apparent everyone was just playing along and saying what the transwomen wanted to hear.

I'm sure some liberal lesbians took some cock bc of this gender identity noise. Which, I mean is rapey to pressure someone into sex with the wrong gender. That brings back visions of conversion therapy. Which makes trans ideology counter to homosexuals as well.

Which is why there's LGBdroptheT.

Trans ideology was soft sold to the public, not that everyone bought it, but enough did who weren't otherwise affected by transwomen to not notice and not think about exactly what the whole thing entailed.

Chicks can pretend to be men all they want tho, nobody cares about transmen. Go ahead and compete in men's sports, use the same bathroom as long as they clean up their manpons. They shouldn't be allowed to cut off their tits and bits tho. Letting mentally ill people dictate surgical procedures is abhorrent.

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Letting mentally ill people dictate surgical procedures is abhorrent.

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Ah, always have haters, people who hate whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Koreans, Buddhists, etc., we (Everyone) must learn to live with it, it will never go away, people have opinions, and are allowed to have opinions.