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I can expedite the transfer if A) you need it ASAP or B) you will get those domains. Otherwise I was just going to sit on it until TCR does another episode on crypto, solutions, etc or anything remotely related to SaidIt's perview. Unless I can bribe Corbett with his own bitcoin to interview you.

I can do the Namecoin immediately if you set it up. The guy who donated it to me hoped I'd start a ZeroNet site, whatever that entails. I'd rather you did that than change it for bitcoin but that's up to you. I'd like to email him about whatever you do with it.

Yes, Ryan Dawson, the ANCReport (Anti-NeoCon). (He has terrible weak branding.) He's been everywhere from old RT, Corbett, TFH, Know More News, etc etc etc. (Not to be confused with Ryan Cristian, also on Discord, the Last American Vagabond (TLAV) that I'm still occasionally poking to interview you too.)

Vimeo shut Ryan Dawson down, stole $5k and that income from his pay-per-view service. So he's hurting a bit from that. You both could benefit from cross-promotion.

He has some STRONG (impatient) views on 9/11 with extensive research into it. It's not hard to say holograms and space beams are silly, but one of the things he defends is the saggy beam pancake thing created by a furnace environment burning hotter than just an oil lamp with kerosene (close to jet fuel) or a Coleman stove with white gas (hotter). (I spin fire poi and do fire breathing.) He thinks that was enough to bring the buildings down. I'm not convinced of that, yet.

Dawson's Discord chat is like a cross between SaidIt, 4Chan, and Alt-Right Anti-Semites. It's a little too hostile for my tastes but they post good and/or funny stuff on occasion when I feel motivated to browse and repost here.

OMG & WTF? It's crazy busy on Discord today. Too many posts. I'll repost them here tomorrow. Then I'm basically quitting that distraction for a while. I just gave your email to both Ryans.

SaidIt Discord chat :

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Cool thanks for the info and contacting the Ryans lol.

We probably won't set up namecoin soon, I don't have a good way to set a wallet up quickly for it right at the moment, but we have a lot of other options beyond bitcoin on our cryptocurrency donation page at the footer.

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Namecoin isn't huge or cumbersome like Bitcoin is. I wonder if it will die out with others very similar.

I'll just sit on it then until you go ZeroNet. Ask me then if I'm not active.

I don't have other cryptos nor other payment stuff (I have no money). I'll be glad to get rid of this wallet and get 80gb back by deleting the entire Bitcoin blockchain. I guess I'll have to start using 3rd party wallets soon. Do you have a preference? Might be good for a survey (and donation hint). I'd be curious to know how many folks use what.

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No I don't really have a good recommendation, sorry. Thanks for thinking of it though

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I'll make it a survey soon and shamelessly beg so you won't have to.