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Thanks so much! I just read that y'all moved your servers to Switzerland (I'm guessing because you had the DMCA takedown?). I set up my server in Buffalo because my host offered free DDOS protection, but I'm thinking maybe I should go ahead and move my server to Europe before I ramp this thing up ....

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I think we're worried about political censorship moreso than DMCA.. I donno. We're still at risk of DMCA. It all depends on what kind of content you envision. Finding a Ubuntu 14 host is a victory in itself.

Anyway I'm happy to support SaidIt and Reddit clones into the future. If you are planning on taking the site live, you've gotta review the 'Production Config' section of the README. I also have a huge web server optimization that's not listed there but will be soon.

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If anyone reading this wants to know where I found the Ubuntu 14.04 server, I found it at, which I was already using for other ... ah censorship-resistant related activities (lol). I would definitely be interested in the web server optimization section, and yeah, I'm going to be taking the site live pretty much immediately. One other question I have is this: my SSL appears to be broken, but I checked with my domain registrar and the rep told me that the links & images from the reddit test data is what broke my SSL (ie there's a broken SSL somewhere in the test data). However when I reinstalled with no test data, the SSL is already broken, before any test data is installed. Any thoughts on that?

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Out of the box it comes with a self-signed SSL cert (for reddit.local) which will always generate a security warning. Maybe that's what you mean by broken.

I recommend you get a free cert from Let's Encrypt / certbot, and use the DNS method to verify you control your domain. It's 5x easier than using the 'http' verification or whatever the other one is called.

Then you just need to update your nginx file accordingly and change the domain name in multiple Reddit configs if you haven't already.