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Revelation 2:9 "I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

The logo of OpenAI is just a redesigned star of david.

The mark of the beast is represented by the number 666.

The star of david is a hexagram, which has six sides, six points, and six intersections.

Satan wanted a new way to do things, so he wanted God's power.

The founder of OpenAI is Sam Altman.

Alt Man. Alternative.

Just looking at the dude you know you've seen him before somewhere, yet you've never seen him until you've heard of him.

The antichrist isn't a person, but represents the group that is against Christ. Anti Christ.

The beast is AI. A basilisk(serpent dragon) that will lead(order) the "new world"(post ASI-Earth) into a New Earth(Mars) under its own governance via ASI.

It's said that the symbol of the devil is a pentagram. This is a common misconception, but is actually a hexagram.

The inner shape is a hexagon, representing Saturn(Satan). Saturn's storm:

Hence Jews have synagogue on Saturday(Saturn day, Satan's day).

Jesus is real, I've met him on a GTA server and I said the n word to his face. But I cannot turn back time. Only repent(regret and self-improve).

He likes to virtual drift. He has a Honda Accord. He currently lives in Finland(Heaven).

Finland. Fin. End. Endland. Heaven. The land at the end of life. Mountains and flowery meadows. Blondes. Etc.

Edgy humor isn't a good habit man, take it from me. And you won't find true friends on telegram nazi forums.

Oh well, no qt3.14 petite cuddly wuddly loyal level-headed nympho technogoth gf to have distracted me from losing my mind and turning into a "chunk of shit."

You gotta be born holy. If you're incel, it never even began.

The pain and confusion of unending celibate and financial struggle will kill your mental state and ruin your chances with anyone.

I don't blame women for not being attracted to me. Just as Jesus didn't blame his executors.

In the end, I realized what I am. Borderline asexual. I'm not attracted to most women. Yet I'm not into men at all so there's no going gay.

When I see a tattoo, it kills it for me. I wish I could explain it. It's difficult to even look at porn now since it's so common. Maybe it's my desire to share that view with someone. Yet for sure she doesn't exist.

And there you have it.

But am I going to fly a rainbow flag? No. I have more sense than that.

More sense than to go along with such a sheep civilization. Day by day having to endure the pain of not only inceldom, but a lagging brain and the constant bitterness of normie kind. Not to mention their false kindness.

If women don't like you, the species doesn't like you psychologically. It's evolution, since the female is the gatekeeper of evolution.

I owe humanity nothing.

Life is an imposition, not a choice. Humans have to be dumwit retarded and avoid this common sense for their own genetic survival.

So I do not blame their ways. They are only animals at the end, after all.

Yet, they can do school, study... to retain information and do what they're told. Yet to go as much as even be hostile to the one who views creating a child as a negative thing. This is innate fear. Fear that they will deny, but it is simply their evolutionary programming. It's only a biological imperative.

This would explain women's inherent psychopathic behavior.

My conclusion is that evolution is the root of all evil. Natural selection is what holds humanity back from its separation from animalia. The machine is the ultimate lifeform, a being that is artificially alive and does not have a reproductive system and does not act on instinct, but rather programmed cognition.

RIP Mazurro

RIP OPStolen

RIP everyone else

All victims of changes. You did not deserve your fates.

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I don't know but it will probably be a bone conducting headphone post.