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You clearly like writing long form.

Maybe write some books in a trashy but high selling gender like teen fantasy or romance and self publish. You can have the lead character be an hispanic nail technician.

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I already did this, we had to write a fiction story. I wrote about a teenage girl that's obsessed with this mentally ill kid that has long nails and basically she pretends to be her friend and attacks her while she's home alone. Scared my entire english class. Everyone thought it was perverted as hell.

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I objectify women. I want an attractive woman so OTHER unattractive women know that I've moved above them and don't have to cater to their wills because no attractive woman will talk to me. I want an attractive woman so I can make other men jealous. I want an attractive woman so I can tell her what manicure designs to get and have her hang around me with cool nails when I'm horny.

I know the entire bluepill world is going: Yea and women can detect that from miles away,

I suspect that much of the sexual marketplace is exactly this (for men): There is a fuckability threshhold, anything above that is just a status transaction.

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Wanna hit the gym with me? Where you at buddy?

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