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Lol somebody reported your post. I get to see it bc im a mod.

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u/Hongkongphooey has been a faggot lately

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Uhh you are the one who has a history of reporting people dude

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I then need $300 for a 9mm or a .345 revolver.

Go with the revolver. The shell casings don't eject.

You don't want to be chasing brass after an encounter.

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I literally hope a nigger comes into the store and attempts to steal something so I can kill someone next summer.

For your sake I hope you are very familiar with the self-defense laws in your state, generally you have to have good reason to believe someone will imminently become severely harmed if you do not use the firearm, like they have a gun drawn or are physically assaulting someone, although the specifics of this can vary quite widely in different states, so I'd recommend doing some research on your particular area before you go off and shoot someone in a situation that isn't extremely clear cut self-defense

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If you do something remember that the rest of us might have eyes on us from the media/government