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Lots of Indians and Asians are doing great, so many in fact that California had to start putting quotas on them so they don't take all the spots at the good schools.

I mean I certainly would not want your typical Indian parents from what I can gather, and I don't envy you for it, but it really doesn't seem likely that this could possibly be the only reason for all your problems in life

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black is the worst race to be, at least indians will give their children the benefit of maybe sending another indian girl their way. Latinos too will hook their sons up with a neighbor's latina daughter. Asians will either help their son find a white girl or bring them an asian chick. Black women self-hate so damn hard, the second they come out of the womb, their only thought is how they can become white and how they can make sure their kids wont be black. You will never see black parents hook their kids up with the kids of another black parent. Blacks are the most disgusting, trash race in the universe. They achieve nothing, they accomplish nothing, and I'm tired of the fake niggers showing up saying we're this beautiful loving community that supports each other. A black man will shit in another black man's mouth if it means getting closer to whitedom. Blacks are degenerate filth that should have been mass genocided when slavery ended.

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one time when i was in middle school I asked this black girl for a pencil and she went on a long multiple paragraph tirade roasting me

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Move out from parents, cope-till-rope.