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The truth is that there is no such a thing as jealousy or envy, they are just labels that religious people came up with to put a negative connotation on what is fundamentally just a common and natural human sentiment. Just like the other '7 deadly sins' ( lust, wrath, pride, greed, etc... ) it is not only ok, but necessary to feel such emotions and desires. That which 'polite society' condemns as 'envy' is in reality just an expression of competition. All animals are in a constant state of competition for limited resources in the world, including humans, but society teaches us to ignore this reality from an early age because excessive competitiveness is seem as 'anti-social'. If one hoards all the wealth, power, prestige and fertile females at the top of his throne, then it is only natural for another who sees him to not only desire, but to actively seek his downfall so that this one may take his place.

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I am not saying about morality of being jealous, but about how it is killing me from inside.

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Just see it as a driver for you to continue striving and self-improving until you can actually have what chads have.

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This is a path that will most likely lead to disappointment. But just because you will never have Chad's gifts, it doesn't mean it isn't worth it to improve.

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I mean, I don't really need any motivation now to improve - I still do that, but not to get romantic relationship. But let's be real I will never have what chads have.

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Isn't jealousy just an actual phenomenon that can be unlearned? Isn't the suggestion that jealousy is natural just propaganda? Wouldn't you have a shitty time in a relationship with your jealousy, even if you were able to be in one?

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I don't quite get that what do you mean. I am jealous because I can't be in one, I think I would be atleast less jealous if I was in one. But I know that no matter what, I won't be in one, so my only way to deal with it is hate even more. And I am afraid one day it will stop working

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Wouldn't inability to deal with jealousy be a trait that sustains itself regardless of relationship status?

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i hate seeing men even talk to women. just seeing a man who's friends with a woman and having a friendly chat makes me pissed. makes me suicidal.

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Your hatred is what is making you insane. You're been hating for awhile now an it isn't helping so you think the answer is to hate even more , and when that doesn't help and actually makes it worse, you think the answer is to hate even more and so on. When really the way to settle your mind is to not hate.

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Hate is working, but I am lately forced to witness more and more people around actually succeeding in terms of their relationships and I am coming to a point where there is no comeback. I just don't know how to address this issue, since I can't just close myself in my home.

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You said hate is working, then proceed to tell me why it's not working. Yeah, you really can't close yourself in your home. You say you don't know how to address this issue, but I do, because I have. Hate doesn't work because there will always be the sight of couples around to trigger it, and trigger you.

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But accepting this state is outside of scope of possibilities. I will never accept that.

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How come? If you can't change something, what does frustration and hate accomplish besides stressing you out?

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Just don't give a fuck about others' stuff until your paths are crossed.