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We are more or less a product of hate and disgust, IT Pedos typically abuse hatred to feel better about themselves to individuals born ugly. These scumbags are not out here to do the morally right thing. Its why their behavior is so dismissive when another user is caught doing evil shit, They are trying to be a morality police yet do not call out their own to the same standards, because its not about that but being out for blood like a modern day witch hunt.

Yes keep harassing Incels IT, that is going to get incels on your side, treat them like shit just like everyone else and invalidating their experiences, Its not like you are going to further alienate desperate incels and give them further proof that they are undesirable while outsiders who read the despicable stuff you post look down on your useless cause.

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The Institute for Research on Male Supremacism

Yes, I'm supreme. Now what?

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great way to break things down. they really dehumanize us. which really makes me wonder why any incel ever go to r/incelexit, when that crowd is made up of the same people

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Incelexit is just full of misery post after misery post. No one really exits and everyones suffering there more then we do because they can't accept their situation and listen to the bluepill put downs about how its their terrible personalities and how they need to get on the hamster wheel of endlessly "self improving" it.

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are there even any success posts there. All I ever see is people talking about how they're mindsets changed but there still involuntarily celibate

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Yeah, one-post-accounts sometimes post about their miracle shower+haircut transformation into chad.

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Maybe one. Two at most. Since the sub's creation.