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Half the people in this community are only here because they're fucking lunatics and we're an accepting bunch.

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"Half" is a very encouraging statistic compared to .is

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Its the low hanging fruit that gives incels a bad name.

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It's not. If all incels were like .is, problem would solve by itself in a month.

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How'd you figure?

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Because only radicalization can lead to serious change. The more cucked this society stays, the more shit women will enforce.

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They will enforce more draconian measures in the face of an increasingly radicalized threat, not less.

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Definitely. But escalation must happen to end this shit problem.

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Say it got escalated massively. Women still won't find subhumans attractive. They're not gonna enslave women and hand them out to incels like trading cards. Women aren't gonna go with incels out of fear. I don't see how escalation ends anything. Only way a blackpilled life ends is with the rope or by coping till death.

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It's all valid points which you stated, however ask yourself, what annoys you truly? Is it seriously lack of food nearby at this point? In my case it's not really the case now, because I know deep down it won't happen, however gaslighting and giving foids more and more rights is annoying. Ending their benefits will ruin their lifes, which I wait for.

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Reducing hypergamy and increasing monogamy and marriage will lift many guys out of inceldom. Reducing welfare will allow men to more effectively compete with other traits besides looks

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Yeah if you want to be a betabuxx wageslaver for a wife who can't fucking stand you.

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I think "the wife who can't stand you"-meme is a direct result of western whorish corruption. In a society where she doesn't think that she's missing out on the whore-lifestyle because it's not an option, she won't disdain her husband by depriving her of it.

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lol delete your account nigga. that site literally 95% feds your probably already on a government blacklist for making an account

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They won’t even let me. I think you have to reach a certain number of posts to be able to do it.

You’re not entitled to account deactivation at any time you desire, sweaty.

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damn lol talk about a honey pot. Well I heard alot of based incels are being banned for no reason so if you just say tht women shouldnt be allowed on the site im sure theyll remove you

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I wish I was that hateful as they are honestly. I don't know what does it require, but I couldn't force myself to be violence apologist. I think that foids deserve to be pointed out, but somehow I cannot wish violence on them. Weird.

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Don't fool yourself and think this forum is any different though. THIS forum is a poor knockoff of /s/Incels that was made in response to me banning fakecels, bluepillers, larpers, foids, and glowies there. This forum already allows foids to post, in fact a mod got warned and temporarly demoted for banning two obnoxious foids. It's only a matter of time before it comes as much of a cesspool as .is

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I was quite active on your sub during a period of time and I very rarely encountered any drama which was one of the main reasons I decided to stick around cause it was a breath of fresh air comparing it to the isolated IWH replacing subs (r/lonely_men, chillcels and a couple of others I don’t remember) and obviously .is. Shame that it’s been quite the shit show lately but I don’t really give a fuck if this sub is just as horrid as .is, I won’t be here for too long. Might even delete account later tonight now that I feel a bit calmer blowing off some steam. Needless to say and even though I was absent for many months so I don’t really know who you’ve been banning or what arguments you were having, during my time of browsing, you did an okay job.

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I was going to delete my account here a week ago but so far I only deleted all the comments and posts I made before september. I decided to comment less and stay just active enough to moderate.

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You mean like... a romper?

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You're one step away from an important realization

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Worst part is only the mayocel posts get attention