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Nevertheless, it seems you personally are pretty convinced that a female older than 12 would be unsuitable as your mate.

This is simply not true.

On a different note, I notice you use the phrase "age of consent." You are right about so many things, but I think you ought to take a step back and ask why the question is framed so completely around "consent."

The ethos of today holds that consent is the be-all / end-all of determining whether a given sex act is ethical. Have you examined the philosophical underpinnings of this belief?

Is "consent" in the sexual sense just a buzzword that sort of came out of nowhere ~50-100 years ago?

I am not sure what answer to give you. Could you clarify your question a bit?

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I am not sure what answer to give you. Could you clarify your question a bit?

In order for a sex act to be ethical, must both parties consent to it?

If both parties consent to a sex act, is that sufficient to declare the act ethical?

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I can't reply without breaking SaidIt's rules, sorry. Chances are my reply would be gone and possibly me from this site as well.

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Caamib thinks parties (by that he means the female party) needn't give consent. As a man cannot (normally) be raped by a woman, it's moot for him, whether a landwhale might want to have sex with him without his consent.

But ask him whether men should be allowed to have sex with other men without consent? After all, we see all kinds of degeneracies like Delaware's age of consent (7 years) and brothels full of 12 y.o. girls listed as something normal here. But what about then? Hey Caammy, you had quite effeminate looks when you were young. Would you have enjoyed some Ali or Ahmed penetrating your butthole at age 12? So?

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The concept of consent is relatively new. This notion that it is the end all / be all of sexual ethics seems to me to be insufficiently examined.

TL;DR muh consent