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Being racist on here is fun for all of ten mins.

It gets old quick because you can say every slur in the book.

If you feel the need to constantly say the N word on here. Go for it.

I try to not say anything I won’t say in person.

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Do you think I'm saying this shit for fun and games?

Do you think I'm here to entertain your ass? I'm not. You can assume what you like since you want to pretend you've got a fucking encyclopedia of the internet in that peanut-sized brain of yours, but you need to understand something that some of us are tired of these degenerates who feel they need to take a dump on anything at will.

People can prop up arguments about white people doing zany shit and being harsher criminals. Fine, whatever. But the fuckers who're the loudest at it and take it to exaggerating levels, are the trash I am ranting about here.

You don't know a god damn thing.

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Blah blah blah.

Hot air.

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Get raped by a nigger, retard.