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The only eating disorder sub that they didn't ban is /r/BingeEatingDisorder...

i guess bc anorexia is anti-consumption, and binge eating is pro consumption

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Well that just seems downright unhelpful of reddit, thanks for reporting the ongoing situation

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why have pro in the title if it's not really pro tho

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I believe the person who created the sub long before had made it to be like that (encouraging of EDs), but other mods had taken over. In the years I was a part of that sub, it was always the rule that you couldn't promote or glorify EDs.

If the Reddit admins took even a moment to look at the sub & not just the title, they would see it was just a support group.

I do believe the title (not the content) was the reason it was banned. Reddit didn't offer for the title to be changed, or give any warning. They just banned a support system of 30k+ people who were then scattered and possibly not able to find alternatives.

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how about make a new sub but with a better name

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Yeah, pretty much anyone who sees that is going to assume its encouraging eating disorders.

I don't care if you have a sub called "/r/moneyformurder" where you talking about funeral planning options and end of life estate planning matters, it looks really shitty.

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I bet it is pro. A lot of people are because of this society putting a premium on losing weight. But you just have to eat less not force yourself to throw up.

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/r/EDanonymous was a good re-homing, but my heart hurts for how terrified the community was while switching. I used to have an ED, and it was amazing to have a place full of people who understood me and who could help me be safer in my endeavors. And eventually I did choose recovery, but I might've died with that community.

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LOL, look at the world! If someone wants to discuss their disgust in food, or pleasure in it, or just wants to connect with another living being with this subject matter at heart, let'em!

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They helped torture that eugenia girl from what i heard. Guess they had cold hard facts about abuse but banned topics about it. This was years ago though, I think it encouraged her.