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hahaha epic man. that's a good linux adventure. way to save your install.

On Unix-like systems, OpenRC is a dependency-based init. Since 0.25 OpenRC includes openrc-init, which can replace /sbin/init, but the default provider for the init command is SysVinit for OpenRC. As well as Linux, OpenRC can also be used on several BSD systems. It was created by a NetBSD developer, who started the Gentoo/FreeBSD project.

OpenRC is the default init system of TrueOS[3], Gentoo, Alpine Linux, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre,

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yea rofl, it was a crazy adventure, so glad arch linux has arch-chroot, lol.

i used my antergos liveusb to chroot into my tower's arch install, and fixed it from there mostly, lol. i fixed it the rest of the way from the fallback image :)

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I'm glad you got it fixed. The ability to chroot into a failing distro is invaluable.